Björk is the first official release (considered juvenilia) from the Icelandic singer Björk. In 1976, Björk appeared on Icelandic radio singing "I Love to Love" through the music school she attended, which led her to a record deal. And so Björk, with the help of stepdad Sævar, released her first solo album in 1977.

The songs were a mixture of covers translated into Icelandic, like The Beatles' "The Fool on the Hill" ('Álfur Út Úr Hól'), Edgar Winter's 'Alta Mira,' Melanie Safka's "Christopher Robin" ('Bænin') and Stevie Wonder's song "Your Kiss Is Sweet" ('Búkolla'), but it also contained some songs written specifically for the album, like the song "Arabadrengurinn" ('The Arab Boy') written by stepfather Sævar, and one instrumental flute-tribute to Icelandic painter Jóhannes Kjarval written & performed by 11-year old Björk herself.

Bjork was offered the chance to do a second album, but she turned it down. With the money she earned she bought herself a piano and started composing new songs of her own.

The album was released in two formats, vinyl and cassette,[2] in fairly limited edition (at least 7000 copies) and is rare outside of Iceland.

It was recorded at Hljóðriti Studios in Reykjavík. Hildur Hauksdóttir (Björk's mother) designed the cover and the photo was taken at a local Reykjavík studio.


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Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. "Arabadrengurinn (The Arab Boy)" [Sævar] – 5:00
  2. "Búkolla (Your Kiss is Sweet)" [Stevie Wonder; Syreeta Wright] – 3:16
  3. "Alta Mira" [Edgar Winter] – 2:30
  4. "Jóhannes Kjarval" [Björk Guðmundsdóttir] – 2:15
  5. "Fúsi Hreindýr" – 3:27
  6. "Himnaför" – 2:32
  7. "Óliver" – 2:47
  8. "Álfur Út Úr Hól (The Fool on the Hill)" [Lennon–McCartney] – 3:04
  9. "Músastiginn" – 2:44
  10. "Bænin (Christopher Robin)" [Melanie Safka] – 2:00
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