"Career Opportunities" is a song by The Clash, recorded for their debut studio album, The Clash in 1977. Another version was featured on the group's fourth studio album Sandinista! (1980) where Mickey Gallagher's two sons, Luke and Ben, sing the song.

The song attacks the political and economic situation in England at the time, citing the lack of jobs available, particularly to youth, and the dreariness and lack of appeal of those that were available. They specifically mention service in the military and police forces in addition to jobs that are often perceived as being 'menial' such as a bus driver or ticket inspector, as well as "making tea at the BBC".

The line "I won't open letter bombs for you" is a reference to a former job of Clash guitarist Mick Jones, opening letters for a British government department to make sure they weren't rigged with mailbombs. The song was named by bassist Paul Simonon.

The song was re-recorded as one of the last songs on the experimental album Sandinista!, with vocal tracks by the very young Luke and Ben Gallagher (keyboardist Mickey Gallagher's sons) over a simple keyboard melody.


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