Cuentos de ayer y de hoy is the debut album by the Spanish hard and folk rock band Ñu released in October 1978. This album features a progressive rock style combining hard and folk rock. The flute predominance in the album's sound has been compared with Jethro Tull's style,[1] but playing a way heavier sound it is in fact a predecessor of folk metal. Regarded as one of the best Spanish progressive rock albums, it has been issued in SpainJapan and South Korea.


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Track listing[edit]Edit

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Profecía"   José Carlos Molina 3:50
2. "Preparan"   J.C. Molina / Jorge Calvo / Enrique Ballesteros 6:47
3. "Algunos músicos fueron nosotros"   José Carlos Molina 3:28
4. "Cuentos de ayer y de hoy"   José Carlos Molina 5:26
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
5. "El juglar"   José Carlos Molina 8:05
6. "Paraíso de flautas"   José Carlos Molina 9:32


  • José Carlos Molina – Vocals, flute, keyboards, harmonica, percussion, concertina
  • Enrique Ballesteros – Drums, percussion
  • José Mª García – Guitar, mellotron
  • Jorge Calvo – Bass
  • Jean François André – violin, baton
  • Mariscal Romero – producer
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