"DJ" is a song by David Bowie, released on the 1979 album Lodger, and then as a single on 29 June 1979.

A cynical comment on the cult of the DJ, the track is noted for Adrian Belew's guitar solo, which was recorded in multiple takes, and then mixed back together for the album track. The single was an edited version, but was still possibly too uncommercial for substantial chart success – it peaked at No. 29 in the UK, and was not released in other markets. The single was issued on green vinyl in the UK and is now a very desirable collector's item.

The song was performed live for the first time on Bowie's Outside Tour in 1995.


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Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. "DJ" (Bowie, Eno, Alomar) – 3:59
  2. "Repetition" (Bowie) – 2:59

Production credits[edit]Edit

Music video[edit]Edit

David Mallet filmed a music video for the song, featuring Bowie destroying a DJ studio, mixed with Bowie strolling around London and attracting a crowd of curious passers-by.

Other releases[edit]Edit

Cover versions[edit]Edit

  • Danny Michel - Loving the Alien: Danny Michel Sings the Songs of David Bowie (2004)
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