Double Trouble is the twenty-ninth album by Elvis Presley, released by RCA Victor in mono and stereo, LPM/LSP 3787, in June 1967. Recording sessions took place at Radio Recorders and at MGM Studios in Hollywood, California, on June 28, 29, and 30, 1966. It peaked at number 47 on theBillboard 200.


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Presley had usually insisted on working in the comfortable environment of a regular recording studio, and had avoided the large movie studio sound stages, but MGM executives with an eye on budgets insisted on moving the soundtrack recordings after the first night to just such a sound stage.[2] A frustrated Elvis dutifully went along, but the final straw was having to sing "Old MacDonald," Presley storming out of the session in a huff after finishing a very short master recording of "Long Legged Girl (with the Short Dress On)."[2] That song would be issued as a single in late April, prior to the film's premiere, and would peak at an anemic number 63 on the Billboard Hot 100.

After his enthusiasm for his gospel album How Great Thou Art made in the previous month in Nashville, the rushed and pedestrian soundtrack returned Presley to the depressing grind of churning out forgettable records for forgettable movies.[3] Even the chosen release date for Double Troublewould prove unfortunate — the same day as The Beatles' era-encapsulating landmark album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Nine songs were recorded for the film, coming in at a brief 17:11 and far too short for a normal LP. To bring up the running time, three tracks recorded at the "lost album" sessions of May, 1963, were added to push the album over the twenty-minute mark.[4] Two had already been issued as b-sides to singles, "Never Ending", the flipside to a four year-old album track "Such A Night", and "Blue River" on the back of an eight year-old vault track, "Tell Me Why."[5] "It Won't Be Long" had been withdrawn from the film but added to the album.


Track listing[edit]Edit

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Recording date Length
1. "Double Trouble"   Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman June 29, 1966 1:38
2. "Baby, If You'll Give Me All of Your Love"   Joy Byers June 29, 1966 1:47
3. "Could I Fall in Love"   Randy Starr June 28, 1966 1:42
4. "Long Legged Girl (With the Short Dress On)"   Leslie McFarland, Walter Scott June 29, 1966 1:27
5. "City by Night"   Bill GiantBernie BaumFlorence Kaye June 28, 1966 3:04
6. "Old MacDonald"   Randy Starr June 29, 1966 2:04
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Recording date Length
1. "I Love Only One Girl"   Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett June 29, 1966 1:52
2. "There Is So Much World to See"   Randy Starr June 28, 1966 1:53
3. "It Won't Be Long"   Ben Weisman and Sid Wayne June 29, 1966 1:44
4. "Never Ending" (bonus track) Buddy Kaye and Phil Springer May 26, 1963 1:57
5. "Blue River" (bonus track) Paul Evans and Fred Tobias May 27, 1963 1:32
6. "What Now, What Next, Where To" (bonus track) Hal Blair and Don Robertson May 26, 1963 1:56
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