"Easy" is a 1977 hit single by Commodores for the Motown label, from their fifth studio album, Commodores.

Written by Commodores lead singer Lionel Richie, the song, a slow ballad with country and western roots, expresses a man's feelings as he ends a relationship. Rather than being depressed about the break-up, he states that he is instead "easy like Sunday morning" - something which Richie described as evocative of "small Southern towns that die at 11:30pm", such as his own Tuskegee, Alabama.[2]

Richie wrote "Easy" with the intention of it becoming another crossover hit for the group, given the success of a previous single, "Just to Be Close to You", which spent 2 weeks at #1 on the Billboard R&B chart and peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop charts in 1976.[3]

Released in March 1977, "Easy" reached #1 on the Billboard R&B chart, and #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.[3] The success of "Easy" paved the way for similar Richie-composed hit ballads such as "Three Times a Lady" and "Still" and also for Richie's later solo hits.

The song is noted for a feedback noise, with an echo, that is heard in the Bridge of the song. Also, an electric guitar solo dominates the instrumental portion of the song. In addition, the other Commodores are heard singing wordless harmonies during the Chorus of the song.

The edited version receives the most airplay. The longer version from the album features the chorus being repeated more times, a semitone up, from A-flat major to A major, a few times before it fades out.

The song appears on the game Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol.


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Chart Peak

Billboard R&B chart

U.S. Billboard Hot 100[4] 4
UK Singles Chart[5] 9

Cover versions[edit]Edit

"Easy" has been covered by many artists, such as Clarence CarterGrant GreenRichie HavensJohn Wesley Ryles, Jimmy Lindsay, Paul Jackson, Jr., Australian Idol finalist Holly WeinertCanadian Idolfinalist Jason GreeleyAmerican Idol winner Taylor HicksIrish boy band WestlifeAmerica's Got Talent runner-up Cas HaleyBoyz II Men and Faith No More, who released it as a single toward the end of 1992. "Easy" was sampled by the Houston-based rap group Geto Boys for the song "Six Feet Deep" from their 1993 album "Till Death Do Us Part". It was also used as a sample in Cam'ron's song "Hey Ma". Another cover of the song was included in a National Football League promo during the 2000s. Also in 2000, an instrumental version was released by saxophonist Warren Hill, from his album "Love Life." The song features Warren's vocals.[6][7]

In 2004, guitarist Eric Essix covered the song from his album "Somewhere in Alabama."[8]

In 2010, the band Captain Zig covered the song as the final track on their album "Music is Math". Lead vocal duties were shared by guitarist Bill Haberer, bassist Keith McCrary, and drummer Chris Condel who each sang a verse. The track also featured Tom Borthwick on piano.[9]

Ivete Sangalo recorded a cover of "Easy". The live album was recorded during a single concert performed on September 4, 2010 and released on December 7, 2010 the live album of Multishow ao Vivo: Ivete Sangalo no Madison Square Garden.

Faith No More cover[edit]Edit

Single by Faith No More
from the album Angel Dust
Released EUR December 29, 1992

USA April 4, 1993

Genre Soft rock
Length 3:08
Label Slash
Writer(s) Lionel Richie
Producer(s) Matt Wallace

Faith No More

Faith No More singles chronology
"Everything's Ruined"




"Another Body Murdered"


Angel Dust track listing
"Midnight Cowboy"




"As the Worm Turns"



The "I'm Easy/Be Aggressive" cover

Faith No More recorded a cover of "Easy" originally as a b-side during the studio sessions for Angel Dust,[10] following its repeated performance during live shows, but was released as the final single to the album in late 1992 - early 1993. The song was originally played to replace their cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs", so the band would break from the typical rock band mould.[11]

It was their highest-charting UK hit, reaching #3, their second Number One single on the Australian charts and their final charting single in the American chartBillboard Hot 100, peaking at #58. It was originally issued on December 29, 1992, on the double A-side single with "Be Aggressive", listed as "I'm Easy", inEurope and over three months later in America on the Songs to Make Love To EP, it was later included on the European version of their album Angel Dust. Other appearances include a 2006 commercial for Levi's Jeans and as the theme tune for the TV programme Goals On Sunday. The biggest difference from the original is that Faith No More left out the second verse.

Version differences[edit]Edit

The song was released under three titles: "I'm Easy", "I'm Easy (Cooler Version)", and "Easy". The title varies depending upon the region of release or whether it was the single or part of the album Angel Dust. As a single, in most countries apart from the USA, Australia and Japan, releases had the title "I'm Easy". In the aforementioned countries, the title was simply "Easy" with the German special edition using "I'm Easy Cooler Version". There are at least two different mixes in circulation, all of which originate from the same studio recording of the song. The first mix has a voice-over by Mike Patton during the first few seconds of the song: "Turn the lights out, baby" and "This one's for the ladies in the house". The second version, sometimes listed as the "Cooler Version" as titled on the German special edition of the single, lacks this voice-over but features a background string-synth arrangement throughout the song.

The first version was featured on all London Records releases of the single and Angel Dust apart from the German special edition:

  • "I'm Easy/Be Aggressive"
  • "Easy" (Japanese release)
  • Angel Dust (Japanese, European, Brazilian and Australian [London Records version] releases)

And the second version known as "cooler version" was featured the Slash and Slash/Liberation releases of the single and Angel Dust and on retrospective compilations release by Slash, London Records, Rhino and Liberation:

Track lists[edit]Edit

Songs to Make Love To[edit]Edit

The Songs to Make Love To release, which was titled "Easy" on some pressings, was the Americanand Canadian release of the single. Its track list, which was almost identical to the German "I'm Easy" – special edition version which replaces track three with the rerecording of "As the Worm Turns" and is similar to the standard edition versions of "I'm Easy" which had the Revolution 23 Full Moon mix of "A Small Victory" as its third and last track, is as follows:[12]

  1. "Easy" – 3:10
  2. "Das Schutzenfest" – 3:00
  3. "Midnight Cowboy" (John Barry) – 4:15
  4. "Let's Lynch The Landlord" (Jello Biafra) – 2:56

I'm Easy/Be Aggressive[edit]Edit

The double A-side "I'm Easy/Be Aggressive" singles track lists had the first two tracks as "Easy" and "Be Aggressive" and two live tracks, with the exceptions of one fully live version which is identical to the Free Concert in the Park bonus disc and a two track French version, which are as follows.[12]

  1. "I'm Easy" – 3:06
  2. "Be Aggressive" – 3:40
  3. "A Small Victory" (Live †) – 4:49
  4. "We Care a Lot" (Live †) – 4:02
  5. "Mark Bowen" (Live †) – 3:15

Japanese version[edit]Edit

The Japanese version was released separately as a seven track EP under the name of "Easy" with the "I'm Easy/Be Aggressive" cover image and with six live tracks that also featured on other versions of the single, its track list was as follows:[12]

  1. "Easy"
  2. "Easy" (Live †)
  3. "Be Aggressive" (Live †)
  4. "Land of Sunshine" (Live ‡)
  5. "RV" (Live ‡)
  6. "Kindergarten" (Live †)
  7. "A Small Victory" (Live †)

† Live in MunichGermany on November 9, 1992 ‡ Live in DekalbIllinois, September 20, 1992


Chart Peak

ARIA Charts[13]

Norwegian Singles Chart[14] 2
UK Singles Chart[5][15] 3
Swiss Single Charts[16] 9
Dutch Top 40[17] 10
Irish Singles Chart[18] 10
Swedish Single Charts[19] 11

Billboard Hot 100[20]

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