"He's Got Tact" is a song written and recorded by English girl group Bananarama. The song was written as a commercial jingle for the Honda Tact motor scooter (thus the song's title) and released to the Japanese market only. The popularity of the jingle prompted London Records to release the song on a 7" single and add the song to the Japanese version of Bananarama's debut album Deep Sea Skiving.

"He's Got Tact" has finally been released on CD. It can be found on the 2007 UK reissue of Deep Sea Skiving as one of five bonus tracks. Copies of the single are highly sought-after by Bananarama and pop music collectors.

Track Listings[edit]Edit

7" vinyl
  1. "He's Got Tact" 2:59
  2. "Give Us Back Our Cheap Fares" 2:44
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