"Help the Aged" is a song by British alternative rock band Pulp, and was released on 10 November 1997 as the lead single from their 1998 album This Is Hardcore. The single charted at #8 in the UK Singles Chart (see 1997 in British music), becoming the band's fifth consecutive top ten single.

B-side "Tomorrow Never Lies" was intended to be used as the theme to the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. The song was ultimately rejected in favour of a song by Sheryl Crow, and was renamed after the film's working title. The original version of the song, with the name "Tomorrow Never Dies," finally surfaced on the bonus disc of the This Is Hardcore special edition in 2006.

During Da Ali G ShowJarvis Cocker performed the song, which soon transitioned into a distinctly more urban take on things, added by Ali G, with lines such as, "Help the motherfuckin' aged".[1]

Track listing[edit]Edit

All songs written and composed by Nick BanksJarvis CockerCandida DoyleSteve Mackey and Mark Webber

CD / 7" and Cassette (UK)
No. Title Length
1. "Help the Aged"   4:31
2. "Tomorrow Never Lies"   4:49
3. "Laughing Boy"  
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