Jon and Vangelis is the collaborative effort between the singer Jon Anderson (the lead vocalist of the progressive rock band Yes) and the Greek synthesizer musicianVangelis Papathanassiou. Together they released a number of successful albums in the 1980s.


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In 1974, Vangelis was considered as a replacement for Rick Wakeman as keyboardist in Yes, and although the job went to Patrick Moraz, it led to several collaborations with Anderson, who contributed vocals to Vangelis' Heaven and Hell (1975), harp to Opera Sauvage (1979), and vocals to See You Later (1980).

Anderson left Yes between 1980 and 1983, and during this time the collaboration with Vangelis began in earnest. The two recorded several albums between 1979 and 1991, producing the major hits "I Hear You Now" (UK No. 8), "I'll Find My Way Home" (UK No. 6)[1] and "The Friends of Mr Cairo" (Canada No. 1). Anderson wrote the lyrics, and Vangelis composed the music.

In 1986, Jon & Vangelis made a few attempts at writing a new album, but much of this work was never officially released under the Jon and Vangelis name. Twelve tracks were compiled on 1991's Page of Life, while other songs from these sessions appeared in later works, including "Let's Pretend", the last song on the 1989 album Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe. Anderson ultimately took it upon himself to re-work Page of Life, which was released in 1998 in the United States only with nine tracks. Vangelis did not approve this, and it is cited as the reason for the dissolution of their collaboration.[2] "Sing With Your Eyes" appeared in 1991, as a B-side on the CD single release of "Wisdom Chain" / "Page of Life".[3]



Compilation albums[edit]Edit


  • "I Hear You Now" / "Thunder" (1979)
  • "One More Time" / "The Road" (USA 1980)
  • "The Friends of Mr Cairo (edit)" / "Beside" (1981)
  • "State of Independence (edit)" / "Beside" (1981)
  • "I'll Find My Way Home" / "Back to School (edit)" (Europe/UK 1981)
  • "I'll Find My Way Home" / "I Hear You Now" (USA 1982)
  • "He is Sailing (edit)" / "Polonaise" (1983)
  • "He is Sailing" / "Polonaise / "Song is" (1983)
  • "And when the night comes" / "Song is" (UK 1983)
  • "State of Independence" / "The Friends of Mr Cairo" (1984)
  • "Wisdom Chain (edit)" / "Page of Life" / "Sing with Your Eyes" (1991)
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