Madness is a self-titled compilation album by the British ska/pop band. It was issued primarily for the North American market in order to capitalise on the top 10 success in the United States of their hit single "Our House" from the 1982 albumMadness Presents the Rise & Fall, which had not been available there.

The album features six tracks from The Rise & Fall album, three from the 1981 album 7, one from the 1979 debut albumOne Step Beyond... and two single a-sides. Curiously, the 1980 album Absolutely was not represented at all on this compilation.

Madness contains every UK single from "Grey Day" to "Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)," with the notable exception of "Driving in My Car," which has never been issued on any US compilation. However, the album was also issued in Japan where Driving In My Car replaced Rise & Fall.

Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. "Our House" 1982 single from The Rise & Fall
  2. "Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)" 1983 single version, originally from The Rise & Fall
  3. "It Must Be Love" remixed version issued in North America as the follow up to Our House
  4. "Primrose Hill" from The Rise & Fall
  5. "Shut Up" 1981 edited single mix, the full version of which appeared on 7
  6. "House of Fun" original full 1982 single version, featuring the fairground ending
  7. "Night Boat to Cairo" remixed and slightly shorter than the version which appears on One Step Beyond...
  8. "Rise and Fall" from The Rise & Fall
  9. "Blue Skinned Beast" from The Rise & Fall
  10. "Cardiac Arrest" 1982 remixed single version, originally from 7
  11. "Grey Day" 1981 single which appeared on 7
  12. "Madness (Is All in the Mind)" 1983 single mix, originally from The Rise & Fall
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