"Neon Lights" (original German title: "Neonlicht") is a song by Kraftwerk, released in 1978 on their The Man-Machine album (released in German as Die Mensch-Maschine). The song was initially a B-side to their single, "The Model" ("Das Model"), but later the sides were swapped. The 12" single was pressed on luminous vinyl.

Chart performanceEdit

Chart (1978/1979) Peak


UK Singles Chart 53
U.S. BillboardHot Dance Club Play 39

[edit]Cover versionsEdit

"Neon Lights" was reworked (uncredited) into the theme of the 1983 Canadian computer education show Bits and Bytes. The song was covered by Love Tractor on 'til the Cows Come Home(1984). OMD recorded a version for their album Sugar Tax in 1991. The song was also covered by Señor Coconut y Su Conjunto on El Baile Alemán, an album of Kraftwerk covers done in a Latin American style from 2000. Simple Minds named their 2001 cover album Neon Lights and included the song. Kevin Kane covered the song on Timmy Loved Judas Priest (2001) and Lunaon Close Cover Before Striking (2002). U2 also recorded a version of "Neon Lights" for some releases of the 2004 single "Vertigo". It was also covered Phil Wilson on Industrial Strength(2008). Louis Guidone covered "Neon Lights" and "Man Machine" on "Duck And Cover", self-released in 2009.

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