"New Power Generation", or "N.P.G.", is a song by Prince from the 1990 album and film, Graffiti Bridge.[1] It is an anthem for his backing band, The New Power Generation, who were officially co-credited on his album covers for a time, and continue to back him up, albeit with a changing lineup. The song saw minimal chart attention, and was not as successful as its predecessor, "Thieves in the Temple".

"N.P.G." is a funk number featuring drumming by Morris Day, and vocal help by Rosie Gaines. The funk is cut by some carnival-like organ playing and distorted guitar. The song is generally a positive message of overcoming odds. The part two continuation of the song features contributions from a number of artists, as well as samples of several unreleased songs. Tevin Campbell and Mavis Staples sing in part two, and a rap is delivered by T.C. Ellis. Unreleased songs sampled include "My Tree", "Oobee Doop", and "Positive Place".

The B-side for the single was "New Power Generation, pt. 2", also from Graffiti Bridge.

The 12" and CD maxi release contained numerous previously unheard remixes and bonus material. It began with a "Funky Weapon Remix" of "N.P.G.", which combined parts one and two of the song, but removed all other vocals other than Prince. Next was "T.C.'s Rap". This mix was the "True Confessions" rap by rapper T.C. Ellis, whom Prince would later assist on a 1991 album. Another rap follows called "Brother with a Purpose". The main song was slowed down, and Tony M. delivers an original rap atop the tune.

"Get Off" is next, which is a new song over the beat of "N.P.G." Some ideas from this track would later be incorporated in the similarly titled "Gett Off" from Diamonds and Pearls. "Get Off" is then incorporated into "The Lubricated Lady". The final track is a song about a threesome called "Loveleft, Loveright", which itself was sampled in "New Power Generation, pt. 2". The song ends with the same spoken segment from Prince that begins the EP.

The 12" single released in the UK included "Melody Cool" (Extended Remix), sung by Mavis Staples. In Japan, the CD maxi single included all the tracks from the U.S. maxi single, plus those from "Thieves in the Temple".


 [hide*1 Chart performance

Chart performance[edit]Edit

"New Power Generation" failed to make the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, however on the R&B/Hip-Hop singles chart, the song reached number 27, and it peaked one spot higher in the UK, but the track was still considered a commercial disappointment.


Chart (1991) Peak


U.S. BillboardHot 100 64
U.S. BillboardHot 100 Airplay 70
U.S. BillboardHot R&B Songs 27
UK Singles Chart 26

Track listing[edit]Edit


  1. "New Power Generation" – 3:39
  2. "New Power Generation" (Part II) – 2:57

UK 12"[edit]Edit

  1. "New Power Generation" – 3:39
  2. "New Power Generation" (Part II) – 2:57
  3. "Melody Cool" (Extended Remix) featuring Mavis Staples – 6:04

Maxi single[edit]Edit

  1. "N.P.G." (Funky Weapon Remix) – 5:01
  2. "T.C.'s Rap" featuring T.C. Ellis – 3:11
  3. "Brother with a Purpose" (featuring Tony Mosley) – 4:18
  4. "Get Off" – 4:41
  5. "The Lubricated Lady" – 2:39
  6. "Loveleft, Loveright" – 5:00
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