"Only" is a song by the American artist Nine Inch Nails. It was released as the second single from Nine Inch Nails' fourth album, With Teeth, and features anindustrial rock sound. "Only" reached number one on the Billboard Modern Rock chart, where it stayed for seven weeks. It is the second successful release that Nine Inch Nails has had in the U.K., peaking at number 20.

The song is regarded as a fan-favorite and has been a staple of Nine Inch Nails live performances for several years, placed by as the artist's twentieth most played song live.[1]


 [hide*1 Recording and release

Recording and release[edit]Edit

"Only" was the last song completed for With Teeth.[2]

Like the previous single, "The Hand That Feeds", "Only" was only widely released in Europe. European releases include a CD, a DVD, and a 9" vinyl. The onlyUnited States release is a vinyl format—a remix record with mixes from Richard X and El-P.

Like "The Hand That Feeds", "Only" was released as a GarageBand multitrack file, as well as for DigiDesign Pro ToolsAbleton Live, and Sony ACID Pro. A fan remix community page was set up on MySpace.[3]

Music video[edit]Edit

[1]screenshot from the music video, depicting Trent Reznor's face in pin art, the central image of the video.

The music video for "Only", directed by David Fincher and relying almost entirely on CGI created by Digital Domain,[4]shows various objects in an executive's office coming to life with the propulsion of the song and was released on July 12, 2005 at[5]

The main focus is Trent Reznor's face appearing on the novelty Pin Art that sits on the desk. The only non-CGI components of the video are a person's hand[citation needed] (Fincher's, who owns the PowerBook in the video[citation needed]) and the cars in the background[citation needed].

Track listing[edit]Edit

  • Interscope Records INTR-11468-2 - CD
  1. "Only" [(Radio Edit)] – 4:01"
UK single
  1. "Only" – 4:24
  2. "The Hand That Feeds" (The DFA Remix) – 9:01
  3. "Love is Not Enough" (Live at Rehearsals) – 3:50
  4. "Only" (music video) – 4:27
UK single/DVD
  1. "Only" – 4:24
  2. "Love is Not Enough" (Live at Rehearsals) – 3:50
  3. "Only" (music video) – 4:27
UK 9" vinyl
  1. "Only" – 4:24
  2. "The Hand That Feeds" (The DFA Remix) – 9:01
9" vinyl and promo CD
  1. "Only" [Richard X Remix] – 7:24}
  2. "Only" [El-P Remix] – 4:21
  3. "Only" [Richard X Dub] – 7:51
  4. "Only" [Richard X Edit] – 3:46
  5. "Only" [El-P Instrumental] – 4:21

Chart positions[edit]Edit

Chart Peak


Austria Singles Chart[6] 87
UK Singles Chart[7] 20
U.S. BillboardHot Dance Club Play[8] 34
U.S. BillboardHot 100[8] 90
U.S. BillboardModern Rock Tracks[8] 1
U.S. BillboardMainstream Rock Tracks[8] 22
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