Ottawan is a French Eurodisco duo, led by Jean Patrick.

Career[edit source | editbeta]Edit

They were fronted by lead singer Jean Patrick (Baptiste) (born 6 April 1954, Martinique)[citation needed] and Annette (born 1 November 1958), with Daniel Vangarde and Jean Kluger the main songwriters. They are best known for their twohit singles "D.I.S.C.O." and "Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)". They also performed "Hello Rio", a song produced and written by Bobby Orlando, also known as Bobby O. He is more famous for founding The Fast (later to be known asMan 2 Man), Divine and The Flirts, and producing some early recordings with the Pet Shop Boys.

The band was originally founded by Kluger and Vangarde, the main producers of the Ottawan songs.[1] In the United Kingdom they had two Top 10 UK Singles Chart hits. "D.I.S.C.O.", the act's debut single, reached number two in September 1980; "Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)" peaked at number three nearly a year later.[2] "Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)" reached #1 in the New Zealand record chart during 1982, staying there for eight weeks.

In France, their single "You're OK" (French title "T'es OK") is one of the Top 50 best-selling singles of all time. Patrick Baptiste left the group because he was accused of never being involved in the production of the Ottawan album. He tried to start a career as a solo artist as Ottman Jones with no success. In 1992 he tried to make his come back as Ottawan under the new name Pam 'n Pat because he could not get the rights to perform as Ottawan again. Esther de Bijl and Patrick Baptist worked together as Ottawan and Esther de Bijl continued Ottawan with the new singer Robert Walker from New York. They are still touring the globe today.

Legacy[edit source | editbeta]Edit

"D.I.S.C.O.", "You're OK!" and "Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)" were also recorded in French, under the titles "D.I.S.C.O.", "T'es OK!" and "Haut les mains (donne-moi ton cœur)".

Canadian band Sway had a #7 hit in Canada in 1988 with their cover of "Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)".[3]

"You're OK" was copied in the 1982 Bollywood film Disco Dancer as "Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja Aaja".

"Hands Up" was parodied on Israeli sketch show Ha-Comedy Store.

Significant singles[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • "D.I.S.C.O." - UK #2
  • "You're OK" - UK #56
  • "Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)" - UK #3, Ireland #1
  • "Help, Get Me Some Help!" - UK #49
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