We're Outta Here! is the fourth live album by the American punk band the Ramones. It was released on November 18, 1997, through Eagle Rock Records.


The album was recorded for Billboard Live at The Palace in Los AngelesCalifornia on August 6, 1996, when the Ramones performed their 2,263rd and final concert. It features several special appearances from former band members, including Dee Dee, as well as bands who were influenced by the Ramones. The show featured several special guests such as Lemmy from MotörheadEddie Vedder from Pearl JamTim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen of Rancid, andChris Cornell and Ben Shepherd of Soundgarden.

Track listing[edit]Edit

All songs written and composed by Ramones; except where indicated. 

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Durango 95"   Johnny Ramone 1:26
2. "Teenage Lobotomy"   1:30
3. "Psycho Therapy"   Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone 2:10
4. "Blitzkrieg Bop"   1:36
5. "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?"   3:00
6. "I Believe in Miracles"   Dee Dee Ramone, Daniel Rey 2:41
7. "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment"   1:14
8. "Rock 'n' Roll High School"   1:50
9. "I Wanna Be Sedated"   2:04
10. "Spider-Man"   Robert HarrisPaul Francis Webster 2:11
11. "The KKK Took My Baby Away"   Joey Ramone 2:12
12. "I Just Wanna Have Something to Do"   2:09
13. "Commando"   1:21
14. "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker"   1:46
15. "Rockaway Beach"   2:11
16. "Pet Sematary"   Dee Dee Ramone, Daniel Rey 3:01
17. "The Crusher"   Dee Dee Ramone, Daniel Rey 2:09
18. "Love Kills" (featuring Dee Dee Ramone former Ramones bassist) Dee Dee Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Joey Ramone 1:58
19. "Do You Wanna Dance?"   Bobby Freeman 1:28
20. "Somebody Put Something in My Drink"   Richie Ramone 2:31
21. "I Don't Want You"   2:01
22. "Wart Hog"   Dee Dee Ramone, Johnny Ramone 1:33
23. "Cretin Hop"   1:22
24. "R.A.M.O.N.E.S.(featuring Lemmy of Motörhead) WürzelPhil CampbellLemmyPhil Taylor 1:17
25. "Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World"   1:40
26. "Pinhead"   2:57
27. "53rd & 3rd(featuring Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen of Rancid) Douglas ColvinJeffery HymanJohn Cummings,Thomas Erdelyi 1:56
28. "Listen to My Heart" (featuring Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen of Rancid) 1:19
29. "We're a Happy Family" (featuring Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen of Rancid) 1:59
30. "Chinese Rock(featuring Chris Cornell and Ben Shepherd of Soundgarden) Dee Dee Ramone, Richard Hell 2:32
31. "Beat on the Brat"   2:14
32. "Anyway You Want It(featuring Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam) Dave Clark 3:12
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