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'' Round Midnight is one of the most famous jazz standards. It was written by Thelonious Monk. The style can be described as a ballad. The song is also known under the titles  Round about midnightGrande Finale or The night that Monk returned to heaven.

The song was first recorded by Cootie Williams and His Orchestra in 1944. Although Williams contributed to the song, not as a composer was awarded this honor him. Later, Bernie Hanighen , Thelonious Monk, there are also text which royalties had to share with two others. Robert Craft later wrote another text and called this new version The night that Monk returned to heaven.

In 1946 Dizzy Gillespie added a part to the song, that Monk in a modified version took over. Monk himself recorded the song for the first time in 1947.

The version of Miles Davis, on the album 'Round About Midnight (1956), is perhaps even more famous than the original. The song was also played by, among others, Chet BakerArt PepperDizzy Gillespie,Charles BrownMarcus Roberts and Tommy Flanagan.