"Sartorial Eloquence" is a song by Elton John with lyrics written by Tom Robinson. It is the third track of his 1980 album, 21 at 33. In the U.K., it was issued as "Sartorial Eloquence", and in the U.S. as "Don't Ya Wanna Play This Game No More?". It reached No. 39 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Sartorial Eloquence" gained prominence in the 1980s as part of BBC TV's annual coverage of the World Snooker Championship. Before the final, a video montage of earlier rounds would be shown as saddened but impeccably-dressed players (one of the rules of the game of snooker is to be so dressed) were shown being knocked out in earlier rounds. The song was always the soundtrack to the montage.


It came with two b-sides, like another one of his songs, "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting", the first being "Cartier", a 54-second long commercial-like anthem about expensive jewellery, and "White Man Danger", which never has been officially issued on CD - like most of the B-sides from that period.

"Cartier" later appeared on his 1990 box set, To Be Continued.

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