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Founded: 1991

Headquarters: New York, NY

Website Link(s): [ Official Sit

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  • [[The Mooney Suzuk* [[Cardi==Band Biography==

2 Skinnee J's are sometimes thought of as founders of [[Nerdcor, a Hip Hop-based genre typically about nerdy things, like [[c:starwars:Main Page|Star War. They put out three main records (along with a bunch of demos and self-released tapes), and in 2003, they played a Farewell Show, although in 2005, they played another series of concerts, and the website makes it sound as if they're still together. Their [[Volumizer:2 Skinnee J's|Volumize record was delayed for 2 years because their label folded right as the promotional edition came out.

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  • [[Stockholm Love:2 Skinnee J's|Stockholm Lov==Appears On==

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[[Category: Artis

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