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Headquarters: Racine, Wisconsin

Founded: 1994

Founded by: T.P. Lucas

Link: Official website

Genre(s): Hip-hop, R&B

Active Roster[]

  • Sha'Queta - First artist with a CD released under 3-MC, getting ready for her sophomore release.
  • Boss Hogg - First rapper signed to 3-MC, his debut album Grind Now, Shine Later expected to be released August of 2007.
  • Chelia - Skilled at both R&B/soul and hip-hop/rap, her debut album Princess of the Midwest is expected to be released late June of 2007.

Just Us Ent.[]

  • RP - Leader of the group, also collaborates with many artists on 3-MC.
  • Sonie D - Original member, curerently incarcerated.
  • Lucky Streets - Original member, known for his solo single "Foolish Heart."
  • Frosty - Filled in the hole left by Sonie D's incarceration, his untitled debut solo album is expected to be releaed July of 2007.

Inactive Roster[]

  • Tony Steeze - Atlanta rapper who left to form his own label.

Key Releases[]

  • Sha'Queta: Self-titled - 2006
  • Just Us Ent. - Original Law - 2006
  • Boss Hogg - Untitled mixtape - 2007
  • Chelia - Princess of the Midwest - 2007
  • Frosty - TBA - 2007
  • Boss Hogg - Grind Now, Shine Later - 2007


3-MC Entertainment is an entertainment company/record label founded by nationally renowned comedian T.P. Lucas. It originally started in 1994 with comedy shows, and sometime in 2004 became a record label as well. The music division is run by James "Lil Mook" Barker III.

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