311, pronounced as Three-eleven, is a Reggae-rock band formed in 1989 in the small town of Omaha, Nebraska. They consist of Nick Hexum, Doug "SA" Martinez, Tim Mahoney, Aaron "P-Nut" Wills, and Chad Sexton. There music is heavily influnced by Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, and Heavy metal. They have released ten studio albums, (including two independent albums), one live album, four compilations, four extended plays, four home video releases and thirty-three singles.


The band formed in 1988 in Omaha, Nebraska. The band originally consisted of Nick Hexum, Jim Waterson, Aaron Wills, or "P-Nut", and Chad Sexton. The band gotten its name from the omaha police code "311", which stands for public exposer. The band thought it was a funny name at the time, so they called themselves "311". In 1991, Jim left and was replaced by Tim Mahoney. In 1992, Doug "SA" Martinez was asked to join and became a member of the band. During the early 90's, the band released 3 independent albums on there own independent record label, What Have You?, they were Dammit!, Hydroponic, and Unity. Eventually, the band moved to Van Nuys, California and rented a small apartment, later, they would be signed to Capricorn.

In 1993, the band officially released there major-label debut, entitled Music. It had little fanfare upon release. During there tour, there bus exploded, destroying personal possessions and equipment. So to continue the tour, they borrowed stuff from friends until they were able to replace the items. In 1994, they released there second major-label album, named Grassroots. In 1995, the group made there third album, this time called 311, or The Blue Album. This became a mainstream success due to the popular song "Down". During 1996, they've released there first video, entitled Enlarged to Show Detailed. It came with a bonus CD including outtakes from The Blue Album. In 1997, Transistor was released. In 1998, the band released there first live album, simply titled Live, also in the same year, the band released Omaha Sessions on there old indie label, What Have You?, it is currently only avaible via In 1999, Soundsystem was made. It is the last 311 album to be released on Capricorn.

In 2001, thirteen years after the band first formed, From Chaos was made and was a moderate hit. During the same year, they released there second home video release, Enlarged to Show Detail 2. There seventh major-label album, Evolver, was released in 2003. In 2004, the band released there first "greatest hits" album, Greatest Hits '93 - '03, containing singles between 1993 to 2003 and two "previously unreleased" tracks. 2005 met 311 Day: Live in New Orleans, the third video by 311. During the same year, the band released there next studio album, Don't Tread on Me. In 2009, 311 released there ninth major-label record, Uplifter, and there fourth home video, The Road to 311 Day 2008. Legacy released Playlist - The Very Best of 311 in 2010, part of the Playlist series.

By 2011, the band made a second independent label named after the band, 311 and released Universal Pulse on 311 and ATO. In 2012, the band mentioned plans for another record to be released sometimes in 2013.


311 discography
Studio albums 12
Live albums 1
Compilation albums 4
Extended plays 5
Singles 33
Video albums 4
Through out 1989 to 2012, 311 has released 12 studio albums, (two independent, ten major label), one live album, four compilations, five EPs, four video albums, and thirty-three singles. There first three releases, (Dammit!, Hydroponic, and Unity), were released through What Have You? Records. There major-label debut Music was released on Capricorn Records. Almost all released between 2001 to 2009 were released through Volcano Records. There latest record, Universal Pulse, was released through the bands new self-titled independent label 311 Records and ATO.



Year Title Label Singles
1990 Dammit!
  • Released: 1990
  • Format: Cassette Tape (CS)
  • Notes: Released independently, considered as debut, only 300 copies made.
What Have You? N/A
1991 Unity
  • Released: 1991
  • Formats: Compact Disc (CD), CS
  • Notes: Third independent release, considered as the second album, only 1,000 CDs made and 500 Cassettes.
What Have You? N/A
1993 Music
  • Released: Feburary 9, 1993
  • Formats: CD, CS, Longplay Vinyl (LP), Digital Download (DL)
  • Notes: Major label debut.
Capricorn 5
1994 Grassroots
  • Released: July 12, 1994
  • Formats: CD, CS, DL
Capricorn 3
1995 311
  • Released: July 25, 1995
  • Formats: CD, CS, LP, DL
Capricorn 4
1997 Transistor
  • Released: August 5, 1997
  • Formats: CD, CS, LP, DL
Capricorn 3
1999 Soundsystem
  • Released: October 12, 1999
  • Formats: CD, CS, LP, DL
Capricorn 3
2001 From Chaos
  • Released: June 19, 2001
  • Formats: CD, CS, LP, DL
Volcano 3
2003 Evolver
  • Released: July 22, 2003
  • Formats: CD, DL
Volcano 2
2005 Don't Tread on Me
  • Released: August 16, 2005
  • Formats: CD, LP, DL
Volcano 3
2009 Uplifter
  • Released: June 2, 2009
  • Formats: CD, LP, DL
Volcano 2
2011 Universal Pulse
  • Released: July 19, 2011
  • Formats: CD, LP, DL
311/ATO 3


Year Title Label
1998 Live
  • Released: November 3, 1998
  • Formats: CD, CS, DL
  • Notes: Known as Live! in Japan.


Year Title Label Singles
1998 Omaha Sessions
  • Released: October 1998
  • Format: CD
  • Notes: Compilation of the first three independent releases.
What Have You? N/A
2000 Flavors - American Singles
  • Released: September 27, 2000
  • Format: CD
Capricorn N/A
2004 Greatest Hits '93 - '03
  • Released: June 8, 2004
  • Formats: CD, DL
Volcano 2
2010 Playlist - The Very Best of 311
  • Released: 2010
  • Formats: CD, DL
Legacy/Volcano N/A

Extended PlaysEdit

Year Title Label
1989 Downstairs EP
  • Released: Never officially released, however it is very easy to find bootleg versions at tape-trading circles.
  • Format: CS
What Have You?
1992 Hydroponic
  • Released: 1992
  • Format: CS
  • Notes: Second independent release.
What Have You?
1996 Enlarged to Show Detail
  • Released: 1996
  • Format: CD
  • Notes: Bonus CD that came with outtakes from the 311 era.
2001 Enlarged to Show Detail 2
  • Released: 2001
  • Format: CD
  • Notes: Bonus CD that came with outtakes.
2005 311 Day: Live in New Orleans
  • Released: June 27, 2005
  • Formats: CD, DL


Year Song Album
1992 "Freak Out" Music
1993 "Do You Right" Music
1993 "Visit" Music
1993 "My Stoney Baby" Music
1993 "Feels So Good" Music
1994 "Homebrew" Grassroots
1994 "Lucky" Grassroots
1995 "8:16 PM/Omaha Stylee" Grassroots
1995 "Jackolantern's Weather/Guns (Are for Pussies!)" 311
1995 "Don't Stay Home" 311
1996 "Down" 311
1996 "All Mixed Up" 311
1997 "Transistor" Transistor
1997 "Prisoner" Transistor
1998 "Beautiful Disasters" Transistor
1999 "Come Original" Soundsystem
1999 "Flowing" Soundsystem
2000 "Large in the Margin'" Soundsystem
2001 "You Wouldn't Believe" From Chaos
2001 "I'll Be Here Awhile" From Chaos
2002 "Amber" From Chaos
2003 "Creatures (For a While)" Evolver
2004 "Beyond the Gray Sky" Evolver
2004 "Love Song" 50 First Dates Soundtrack
Greatest Hits '93 - '03
2004 "First Staw" Greatest Hits '93 - '03
2005 "Don't Tread on Me" Don't Tread on Me
2005 "Speak Easy" Don't Tread on Me
2006 "Frolic Room" Don't Tread on Me
2009 "Hey You" Uplifter
2009 "It's Alright" Uplifter
2011 "Sunset in July" Universal Pulse
2011 "Count Me In" Universal Pulse
2012 "Time Bomb" Universal Pulse

Video AlbumsEdit

Year Title Label
1996 Enlarged to Show Detail
  • Released: November 5, 1996
  • Formats: VHS, DVD
2001 Enlarged to Show Detail 2
  • Released: December 11, 2001
  • Formats: VHS, DVD
2005 311 Day: Live in New Orleans
  • Released: October 24, 2004
  • Format: DVD
2009 The Road to 311 Day 2008
  • Released: 2009
  • Format: DVD



  • Nick Hexum - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Doug "SA" Martinez - Vocals, Turntables
  • Tim Mahoney - Guitar
  • Aaron "P-Nut" Wills - Bass
  • Chad Sexton - Drums


  • Jim Waterson - Guitar
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