Music Hub

Host/DJ: Rev. Syung Myung Me & Ailas

Station/Podcast/Etc.: Steve.FM

Airdate: Saturday, June 3, 2006; 4PM PDT


  1. Pixies - Bam Thwok (From iTunes single)
  2. The Ditty Bops - Your Head's Too Big (From Moon Over The Freeway)
  3. The Young Fresh Fellows - Rotation (From This One's For The Ladies)
  4. IQU - Sun Q (From Sun Q)
  5. Cibo Matto - Sci-Fi Wasabi (From Stereo Type A)
  6. My Favorite - Le Monster (From The Happiest Days Of Our Lives)
  7. The Broadcast Debut - Rollerskating (From A Means For Social Commentary)
  8. Billy Joe Shaver - Slim Chance and the Can't Hardly Playboys (From The Real Deal)
  9. Harry Nilsson - You're Breakin' My Heart (From Son Of Schmilsson)
  10. The Model Rockets - Cheaters (From Pilot County Suite)
  11. Ray Davies - Run Away From Time (From Other People's Lives)
  12. Love Psychedelico - Your Song (From The Greatest Hits)
  13. Billy Nayer Show - Apartment #5 (From Return To Brigadoon)
  14. Jon Auer - Four Letter Word (From Songs From The Year Of Our Demise)
  15. Gorillaz - DARE (From Demon Days)
  16. Sgt. Major - Underneath It (From Rich, Creamery Butter)
  17. Shonen Knife - The Queen of Darkness (From Genki Shock!)
  18. Too Much Joy - Underneath A Jersey Sky (From ...finally)
  19. The Bad Things - Lucky Man (From The Bad Things)
  20. Tricky with Terry Hall - Bubbles (ft. Terry Hall) (From Nearly God)
  21. George Harrison - Crackerbox Palace (From Thirty Three & 1/3)
  22. April March - Mon Petit Ami (From Chrominance Decoder)
  23. Barcelona - Kasey Keller (From Zero One Infinity)
  24. 2nu - She (From This Is Ponderous (single))
  25. Brian Eno - Third Uncle (From Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy))
  26. The Ditty Bops - Angel With An Attitude (From Moon Over The Freeway)
  27. The Fastbacks - Defy's Gravity (From The Day That Didn't Exist)
  28. Momus - The Last Communist (From Oskar Tennis Champion)