Music Hub

Headquarters: Olympia, WA

Founded: 1997 or 1998, they don't remember

Founded by: I don't know, but apparently they are a very strong community; so who needs individual recognition?


Genre(s): Experimental Rock, Punk, Metal, Indie-Rock and other similar sounds

Active Roster[]

  • The Advantage
  • Amps for Christ
  • Barr
  • Deerhoof
  • Excepter
  • Hella
  • The Mae Shi
  • Mealux
  • Need New Body
  • Nervous Cop
  • No-Neck Blues Band
  • The Punks
  • The Robot Ate Me
  • The Seconds
  • The Planet The
  • Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice
  • Xiu Xiu

Former Roster[]

  • The Get Hustle
  • Out Hud
  • Rob Fisk
  • Young People

Inactive Roster[]

  • Godzik Pink
  • Mens Recovery Project
  • Replikants
  • Schema
  • Semiautomatic
  • Witchypoo

Key Releases[]

  • Hella - Hold Your Horse Is
  • Deerhoof - Apple O'
  • Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles


5RC, short for 5 Rue Christine, is most notably the sister label of Kill Rock Stars. Basically the label is an outlet for more experimental and forward thinking music that other labels were afraid to put out. In the 7 (or 8) years of it's existance, 5RC has become very succesfull, at least in an independent sort of way. They have broken a number of bands with non-traditional sounds including Hella, Xiu Xiu, Deerhoof and Out Hud who all have become big names in the independent scene. For instance, Hella is is opening stadiums for System of a Down and The Mars Volta... ridiculous. 5RC is a strong community that has done a lot for the independent scene, and continues to put out complex music that always looks forward.