AJG is a rapper from Rialto, CA. He had begun writing music at the age of 13 in 2005. He is an artist with SB Records Recording.


iDo ThisEdit

In November 2008, AJG made his debut and dropped his first official single "Good Girl" with r&b signer Fedarro. The song managed to hit #1 on

He soon released "Throw It Back" which featured artists Kash Jones, Exampl, Raheem Amir, Lauren ZoE, and up and coming rapper Romeo J (The Heist). Christopher Le'Mar also had a background role on the song. The song managed to rank on #1 on

AJG lead the rest of 2010, releasing a first draft of his mixtape "I Do This" (later retitled to "iDo This"). In July 2010, he re-released the mixtape with additional tracks and an alternate red album cover. In September, he released a final re-release for "iDo This" courtesy of mixtape distribution company, Coast2Coast Mixtapes. AJG collaborated with Ace Hood on "I'm Superman" and several other new additions to the mixtape. "iDo This" was released October 27, 2010, with massive production from producer Sky B and features from the whole SB Records camp.

Free MasonEdit

AJG released a 2nd mixtape on November 11, 2011 entitled "Free Mason". It was first announced December 2010 under the title "iStill Do This". It was later renamed to "City Lights And Skylines" the following summer, only to be left untitled until the release date.

"Everythin Matchin" & "Think I'm Famous" became the lead singles for the mixtape's promotion with "Everythin Matchin" getting an official music video. A video for "Think I'm Famous" was in production but was left unfinished and unreleased. AJG shot viral videos for several other songs including the intro "2 Whom It May Concern", "La La" & "Broken Promises". In addition, he also released a live performance video for the single "Marijuana".

In January of 2012, AJG annoucned plans to re-release the mixtape with newly recorded & unreleased songs scheduled for March 24th. He soon shot & released videos for "LATOKYO" & "Sour Diesel" for promotion.


AJG Ido This-front-large
iDo This
  • Released: October 27, 2010
  • Label: SB Records
  • Downloads: 600+
  • Formats:Digital Download
  • Singles: "Good Girl", "Throw It Back", "9 Outta 10", "Got Me Gone, "Bag It Up","Hanging By a Dream", "We Tryna Party", "I'm Superman" & "Cannot Grow"
AJG - Free Mason Front Cover
Free Mason
  • Released: November 11, 2011
  • Label: SB Records
  • Downloads: 25000+
  • Formats: CD & Digital Download
  • Singles: "Everythin Matchin", "Think I'm Famous", "La La", "Marijuana", "Broken Promises", "LATOKYO", "Sour Diesel RMX" & "Time 2 Party"
Double Cupped & Swisher Blunts
  • Released: May 9th, 2016
  • Label: BlaQ Kennedy
  • Downloads: TBR
  • Formats: Digital Download
  • Singles: "BowFlex", "Double Cups & Swisher Blunts", "Cypher$#!+", "Codeine Cups", "OG In My Cigarillo", "Sip'N Til I Feel It" Pt 1 & 2, "Mix That $#!+", "Faded2Long" & "Kristen Stewart"
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