Artist: AWOL One

Date Released: June 8, 2004

Label: Paladin/Image

Produced By:


  1. Make
  2. Believe
  3. Time
  4. Slide
  5. S.O.T.F.
  6. Antisocial
  7. Matters
  8. Grow
  9. Memowrecks
  10. Fears
  11. Fatalove
  12. Realeyes
  13. On
  14. Push
  15. Take
  16. Gagbuster


Slated as one of the “next big things” by the likes of Spin and Urb, AWOL One seems to come up just a bit short on this release. His laid back rhyme flow resembles MF Doom, but without the clever wordplay and that little spark that most people would refer to as Madlib. The beats are a bit redundant, though the presence of some distinguished producers including Kutmasta Kurt and Evidence from The Dilated Peoples. The context of the rhymes are the highlight of the album. His observational lyrics resemble Subtitle or the creative forces of Anticon and Mush. In my opinion AWOL sounds the best when he teams up with his guests (Circus, 2Mex, Abstract Rude). This album does not come close to backing up the hype that was packaged with it, but don't count this MC out yet. He still has time to prove he is worth the press. Michael Ardaiolo