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Artist: Kirsty MacColl

Album: Galore

Appears On (Mixes): Happy Birthday Dad

Song Notes: It's funny, because the first version of this song I knew was Too Much Joy's cover, which was a cover of this version, which was a cover of Billy Bragg's original. Go figure. Anyway, I think that Kirsty MacColl's version is probably the best, but, really, with a song this outstanding, they're all good, really. I like that all three versions are different, too -- Kirsty MacColl's has an extra verse, and Too Much Joy changed the line in "Once upon a time at home / I sat beside the telephone / Waiting for someone to pull me through / When at last it didn't ring I knew it wasn't you" to "when the bastard didn't ring". So now we need someone to cover THAT version and make some other change and so on and so on. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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