A Taste of Honey is a mainly American band with disco-oriented music.


The band existed in the beginning of four members; the two male musicians and singers of A taste of Honey, the female bass player Janice-Marie Johnson and guitarist Hazel Payne. The band was founded in 1970and was at that time a trio. When Hazel Payne joined the band in 1976 played A Taste of Honey on a wedding where producers Larry and Sen Mizell (brothers) the band scoffed. They were placed with record labelCapitol Records.

They released their first single Boogie Oogie Oogie in 1978 and this was a number one hit. Their second album Another Taste did not do well, but with help George Duke they have released their third album Twice as Sweet with the hits Sukiyaki and Rescue Me.

In 1982 the fourth album Ladies of the Eighties which the Smokey Robinson-cover I'll Try Something New was a modest hit; After the band fell apart. Janice Marie Johnson continued his solo career further and has so far released two albums; One Taste of Honey and Hiatus of the Heart. Johnson and Payne performed In 2004 (now stage actress) back together in two television specials.



  • A Taste of Honey (1978)
  • Another Taste (1979)
  • Twice as Sweet (1980)
  • Ladies of the Eighties (1982)
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