Absolute Body Control is a Belgian music group that minimal electronic new wave makes electronic body music, with influences from synthpop and industrial music. The members are Dirk Ivens and Eric van Wonterghem.

The Group was founded in 1979 by Dirk Ivens (synthesizer), Marc de Jonghe (synths) and Veerle de Schepper (backing vocals). The Young in 1981 was replaced by Vincent. Until the end of the group in 1984, a number of in-House released cassettes and a single but no vinyl album. Afterwards Ivens and Vincent member of other bands including The Klinik and Sonar.

In 1993 and 2005, compilation albums released by Absolute Body Control. The Group was re-established in 2006 and gives concerts. In 2007 the lp/cd Wind [Re] Wind released, for which old songs again were taken up. Shattered Illusion In 2010 followed the album with new songs.

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