Music Hub

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Founded: early 2000s

Founded by: Andy Dixon

Link: Official Site

Genre(s): Electronica, Experimental, Hardcore, Indie-Rock, New Wave, Rock

Active Roster[]

  • Konono No 1
  • Heavy Party
  • Sightings
  • Hrvatski
  • Death From Above 1979
  • Matmos
  • Die Monitr Batss
  • Flossin
  • Secret Mommy
  • Kid Commando
  • Femme Fatale
  • JC
  • Chris Frey
  • The Epidemic
  • Radio Berlin
  • d.b.s.
  • The Red Light Sting

Former Roster[]

Key Releases[]


Though I know very little about the history of Ache records, their releases really speak for themselves. The Canadian label kicked off their quick climb to being known for breaking bands with their first ever release, a 7in for a no name Canadian dance-punk band who call themselves Hot Hot Heat. Well, they were a no name band at the time, but the fine-tuned ears of Ache caught on to their potential sound before anyone else. Now Hot Hot Heat is signed to Warner Brothers, released two very popular records (Make Up the Breakdown on Sub Pop, Elevator on Warner Brothers) and are an international success. I'd call that a pretty good initial release for brand new indie label. More recently, Ache also broke the incredible rock duo, Death From Above 1979. After releasing their debut EP, Heads Up, on Ache, they have grown into a indepedent music phenomenon, garnishing tons of praise with the You're a Woman, I'm a Machine album (CD on Vice, LP on Ache) from not only North America, but huge success in Europe as well. If you have a chance to catch them live, the sheer energy alone is amazing.

It is also important to mention Ache's Div/orce Series. It compiles 9 7in splits that join two very different sounding bands that share the same culturally experimental aesthetic. It's a very interesting and significant series that has seen splits so far between Four Tet and Hella, Matmos and Die Monitr Batss, and Hrvatski and Sightings. All only have 2000 copies pressed and if you get a chance to pick them up, they are worth it. Not to mention if you get all 9, the fit together like a puzzle to create some sort of picture.