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¡Adiós Amigos! is the 14th and final studio album by the American punk rock band the Ramones. It was released on July 18, 1995, through Radioactive Records. It features "Making Monsters For My Friends" and "It's Not For Me to Know" originally recorded by Dee Dee Ramone on his album I Hate Freaks Like You which he did with I.C.L.C, and "The Crusher" from Dee Dee Ramone's short rap career as Dee Dee King, as well as a cover of Tom Waits' "I Don't Want to Grow Up" and a cover of Johnny Thunders song "I Love You." The Japanese version of the album features the bonus track "R.A.M.O.N.E.S.," originally recorded by Motörhead as a tribute to the Ramones on their 1916 album. The American version of the album features a hidden track, "Spider-Man," slightly different from the same song the Ramones originally recorded for the Saturday Morning tribute album. C.J. Ramone, Dee Dee's replacement, sings lead vocals on tracks two, four, eight and ten, as well as the bonus track "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." Dee Dee Ramone himself appeared on "Born to Die in Berlin," while singing in German and recorded by phone.

In a reverse decision, many tracks on this album are performed at a slower pace because of Joey's maturing, ailing vocals, a factor the band had acknowledged in previous years. In preceding tours the band had originally played faster with negative reviews of the shows being the result.

The album cover, which features two allosaurus wearing Mexican hats is a digitally altered version of a painting by artist Mark Kostabi, named Enasaurs, which features the dinosaurs wearing yellow witch hats.[5] The backcover shows the band tied and before being executed by a firing squad. The Mexican man seated next to the band is their longtime road manager Monte Melnick.

In contrast to the Ramones' long-running inability to break through single charts, the lead-in track "I Don't Want to Grow Up" was a top No. 30 hit on Billboard's modern rock list.


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Track listing[edit][]

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "I Don't Want to Grow Up"   Tom WaitsKathleen Brennan 2:46
2. "Makin Monsters for My Friends"   Dee Dee RamoneDaniel Rey 2:35
3. "It's Not for Me to Know"   Dee Dee Ramone, Daniel Rey 2:51
4. "The Crusher"   Dee Dee Ramone, Daniel Rey 2:27
5. "Life's a Gas"   Joey Ramone 3:34
6. "Take the Pain Away"   Dee Dee Ramone, Daniel Rey 2:42
7. "I Love You"   Johnny Thunders 2:21
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
8. "Cretin Family"   Dee Dee Ramone, Daniel Rey 2:09
9. "Have a Nice Day"   Marky Ramone, Garrett James Uhlenbrock 1:39
10. "Scattergun"   C.J. Ramone 2:30
11. "Got a Lot to Say"   C.J. Ramone 1:41
12. "She Talks to Rainbows"   Joey Ramone 3:14
13. "Born to Die in Berlin"   Dee Dee Ramone, John Carco 3:32
CD Bonus tracks
No. Title Writer(s) Length
14. "R.A.M.O.N.E.S.(On Japanese edition. C.J. Ramone on vocals.) Motörhead 1:24
15. "Spider-Man(On U.S. edition.) Paul Francis Webster, Robert Harris 1:56


Chart positions[edit][]


Year Chart Position
1995 Billboard 200 148[6]


Year Single Chart Position
1995 "I Don't Want to Grow Up" Modern Rock Tracks 30[7]