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Adult contemporary music (AC) is a broad style of popular music, ranging from 1960 's and 1970 's vocal music softrock[2to today's mainly Ballads with in alternating degree influences from easy listeningsoulRhythm and blues and rock[3][4][5]. The term is also used to play radio stations/radio programs that to describe this music or to catalog. Adult contemporary is rather a continuation of the softrock and the easy listening style that became popular in the 1960s and 1970s with a number of adjustments that the evolution of the pop/rock music [6.

Adult contemporary tends lush, soothing and highly polished qualities where the emphasis is on melody and harmonies to accentuate. It's usually melodic enough to attract the attention of a listener and is harmless and enjoyable enough as background music to be able to work well with. Like most pop music, the songs are usually written in a simple form (often Verse-Chorus structure), as well as the use of repeated choruses [7.

Adult contemporary is fond of romantic ballads in which one mainly using acoustic instruments (although also bass guitar usually is used), such as acoustic guitarspianos,saxophones and sometimes a orchestral set. The electric guitars are usually weak and high. Recent adult contemporary music, however, is usually provided with Synthesizers(and other electronic instruments such as drum machines.) [8]

AC radio stations also play mainstream music, but they will "hip hop", "Heavy metal", on the youth-oriented "hard rock", "teen-pop" music and rhythmic dance music "exclude", because these genres less popular among the target group of these radio stations, which are intended for a mature audience. Radio stations that play music often focus on AC the age group 18-54, also the population group that has received the most attention from advertisers since the 1960s. [9]

Over the years AC has spawned several sub-genres: "hot AC", "soft AC" (also known as "lite AC"), "urban AC", "rhythmic AC" and "Christian AC" (i.e., a softer type of contemporary Christian music). Some radio stations play only "hot AC", "soft AC" only while other play. There are other stations that play a large number of sub-genres explicitly.For this reason, AC not considered a specific genre in the music, but as a collection of selected tracks by musicians of many different genres.


1960-Early roots, easy to listen[Edit][]

[1]Johnny Mathis concentrated on romantic interpretations of jazz and pop standards for the Adult contemporary audience of the ' 60s and ' 70s [10]

Adult Contemporary has its roots in the easy listening of the 1960s, that 70-80% was instrumental and 20-30% vocal mix. Some offered 90% instrumental and a handful of completely instrumental music offered. The Easy listening format, as it was first known, was born of a desire by some radio stations in the late 1950s and early 1960s to continue playing current hits, but still stand out from the "Rock and roll stations".