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Anila Mirza (born October 8, 1974) is a Danish pop singer.

She was born in Denmark in the little city of Frederiksvaerk, and grew up in the capital of Denmark (Copenhagen). Her mother is of half Pakistani half Persian descent, and her father was of Persian descent but born in India.

She was part of the Danish pop group Toy-Box, which had worldwide success and sales exceeding 4.5 million albums worldwide. The Genre was the bubblegum mid 90's Pop, and they had many hits from both their first album Fantastic and second album Toyride such as "Tarzan & Jane", "Best Friend", "The Sailor Song", "Teddy Bear" and "Superstar". At 15, she played for the first time in a movie.

Anila has changed her name to Aneela and begun a solo career, releasing her first solo single "Bombay Dreams" in 2005, and "Say Na/Jande" in 2005/2006 in the Bollywood movie "[[Bluffmaste". Anila has also performed alongside Arash in the hit songs "Chori Chori" and "Bombay Dreams".Beside she participated to the Arash's album [[Crossfad on the song "Say na SayNa" that she sung in panjabi. She has performed for the Swedish film "Bombay Dreams" and the royal family of Sweden. Apart from promoting her solo career she has also produced/written for the Danish artist Burhan G, the R&B producer Saqib who produced Outlandish, the MGP winner Anna and many more.


  • Bombay Dreams, 2004



Year Title Album Sw Dk Ger PL Biel Switz
2004 "[[Bombay Dream featuring [[Rebecca Zadi and Arash" Bombay Dreams B.O. 3 - - - - -
2005 "[[Jaand" Mahi 15 - 39 53 15 -
2006 "[[Chori Chori (song)|Chori Chor featuring Arash" Mahi 15 - 10 - - -
2006 "Mahi" Mahi - - - - - -

Sw: Sweden; Dk: Denmark; Pl: Poland; Switz: Switzerland; Biel: Bielorussia; Ger: Germany

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