Animals is an album from 1977 by the British band Pink Floyd .


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Concept edit ]Edit

It is a concept album that seems inspired by the book Animal Farm by George Orwell , because just like in the book's three main tracks of the album using animals to describe human behavior, even though there have been a completely different angle. In the album three species are specifically mentioned:

  1. The dogs (dogs) represent megalomaniacal businessmen who think they have everything under control. However, they will perish at the end ("Dragged down by the stone").
  2. The pigs (pigs) are referring to, and is an attack on, those who actually have control politicians and opinion makers.
  3. The sheep (sheep) represent finally the remnant. They follow blindly, without reflection and without opinion. However, there is a glimmer of hope in the song when they revolt and kill a pursuing dog.

Pigs (Three Different Ones) kicks in addition to the general target of moralists, zelfverheerlijkenden tyrants and also specifically on the toes of "Mary Whitehouse". She was at that time a self-appointed protector of the British pop music mentality.

Both Sheep and Dogs existed for a few years before they appear on the album. When Sheep was called "Raving and Drooling" and Dogs "You Gotta Be Crazy". All those songs were rewritten it, and changed the lyrics too. Both songs were originally on the album Wish You Were Here to appear.

Tracks edit ]Edit

  1. "Pigs on the Wing 1" (Roger Waters) - 1:25
  2. "Dogs" (David Gilmour / Roger Waters) - 17:08
  3. "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" (Roger Waters) - 11:28
  4. "Sheep" (Roger Waters) - 10:20
  5. "Pigs on the Wing 2" (Roger Waters) - 1:25

Occupation edit ]Edit

Additional personnel edit ]Edit

  • Snowy White - guitar on "Pigs on the Wing" (the 8-track cartridge version)
  • Brian Humphries - engineer
  • Storm Thorgerson - sleeve design
  • Aubrey Powell - sleeve design
  • James Guthrie - remastering producer
  • Doug Sax - remastering

Cover edit ]Edit

[1][2]Battersea Power Station

The legendary inflatable pig that was on the album cover and see later in their live shows, is the creation of Roger Waters. The original design is by ERG from Amsterdam . Thephotograph of the power Battersea Power Station is in that respect therefore not a trick photo. Besides the original cover is also a story behind the photo.

Day 1
On the day the photo was taken were 11 photographers and three film teams ready for the shoot. The air had a fantastic atmosphere with menacing clouds. There was asharpshooter hired who had to come., in the case of unintentional fly away from the pig, the balloon with a targeted shot back to earth It took so long to the 13 meter long pig was inflated, that the day the air was not.
Day 2
The manager hired the second day, the marksman not to save some money. The pig was in the air, and was kept on the ground under control by long ropes. During the shooting an unexpectedly strong gust of wind caused the pig escaped. Even before there is a good photo was taken, she saw the pig disappear quickly, and without sharpshooter there was no one who could do something about it. The pig floated in the official landing routes for aircraft with destination Heathrow . A pilot made ​​the initial report, and a police helicopter went to investigate. Which reported a pig over London. The helicopter followed the unexpected flying object to a height of 5,000 feet, and it had to return. The aeronautical authorities issued a general warning to all pilots that there is a 13 meters long, pink flying pig uncontrollably flew over the capital. They could bank on the radar to follow Detling , near Chatham in Kent , where it is already flying at an altitude of 18,000 feet. The pig finally fell on the land of a rural farm in Kent. Pink Floyd The team did not have enough photographs for the album. The roadies took the pig that night, and brought it back to London .
Day 3
Meanwhile, the botched bank was again left in the air, on a day with clear blue skies. It was therefore necessary to eventually make a trick. Photo The picture can be seen on the album is the sky of the first day, combined with the pig of the third day of hospitalization.

Tour edit ]Edit

The tour following the album In the Flesh was of a different order than the previous. The show could actually be performed only in stadiums and arenas. They played for the masses.

During the tour was guitarist Snowy White added to the formation. On the eight-track tape version he plays a rare solo that the two parts of "Pigs On The Wing" brings together.

During the show in Montreal, on July 6, 1977, the infamous spit incident happened. During interviews Roger Waters told several times that he only found the live performances a meaningless ritual. He regretted that it is precisely during his personal numbers are whistled, shouted and was gekrijsd by the public. Eventually an innocent fan in the front row got the brunt. Who was spat by Roger in the face. David Gilmour left at first unseen stage after this incident.

It was during this tour that Roger Waters got the idea to draw between himself and the audience a wall.

Trivia edit ]Edit

  • The inflatable pig first appeared during the tour in the Flesh in Dortmund , January 1977. It appeared from the black smoke during the song Pigs. Since then, it was a fixed element in the shows of Pink Floyd, where it emerged later in "One of These Days". A smaller version flew over the heads of the audience at the solo concerts of Roger Waters in 2007. Because the pig the brainchild of Roger Waters was he claimed, after his departure from the band, he would get every time the other band members would use it. Pig in a show $ 800 Who agreed to this.

Chart position edit ]Edit

"Animals" in the Dutch Album Top 100 - Covered: 12-02-1977
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