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Headquarters: London, UK

Founded: 1968

Founded by: The Beatles

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On Zapple:


Apple was a label started by The Beatles to release both their records and solo records, but those of other acts they liked and wanted to use their status to help out. They were very open with their demo-submission policy, which is one of the things that contributed to the downfall of the label (aside from over-extending, trying to get into other media and releasing objects), not to mention the breakup of The Beatles. Apple still exists, but primarily as a releasing arm for the Beatles albums

Zapple was an imprint on Apple to release more experimental records. The idea was for "disposable" records—albums you'd hear once, then throw out; a record equivalent of what the paperback book was thought of. Unfortunately, due to high import costs, Zapple records ended up being too expensive to throw out, which contributed to resentment sometimes felt by buyers, and the imprint folded after putting out two albums.