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Arise! is the debut album by the British crust punk band Amebix, released on 14 September 1985 by Alternative Tentacles Records and reissued on CD and vinyl in 2000 with two bonus tracks recorded in 1987. The band Fear of God is named after the third track.

"The Moor" is based upon "Requiem" by György Ligeti, famously used in the Lunar monolith sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

"Largactyl" is a misspelled version of the proprietary name for the antipsychotic medication chlorpromazine (Largactil). The song was written in response and somewhat in honor to Martin (previous Amebix drummer) for being diagnosed with "paranoid schizophrenia" and being institutionalized without choice by his parents.

Track listing[]

No. Title Length
1. "The Moor" (instrumental) 3:05
2. "Axeman"   3:30
3. "Fear of God"   3:08
4. "Largactyl"   3:45
5. "Drink and Be Merry"   6:03
6. "Spoils of Victory"   4:14
7. "Arise!"   5:18
8. "Slave"   3:50
9. "The Darkest Hour"   4:50


  • The Baron Rockin von Aphid (Rob Miller) — bass, vocals
  • Stig Da Pig (Chris Miller) — guitar, backing vocals
  • George Fletcher — keyboard
  • Spider (Robert Richards) — drums
Guest musicians
  • Gabba Cox, Mark Byrne — backing vocals
Additional personnel
  • Jason Rosenberg — production, design, concept
  • George Horn — remastering (2000 re-release)