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Arthur (Art) Blakey, also known as Abdullah Ibn Buhaina called (Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), 11 October 1919 - New York CityOctober 16, 1990) was one of the biggest American jazz drummers and one of the most influential jazz musicians.

Along with Kenny Clarke and Max Roach, the inventor of the bebopstyle of drumming. Blakey, however, was not just a drummer, he was also known as a big band leader.


[hide]*1 History


In the 1940s, Blakey began as the drummer for several bands to gain experience in the jazz world. In those years, he converted to Islam and took the name Abdullah Ibn Buhaina . The late 1940s and early 1950s he drummed with Miles DavisBud Powell and Thelonious Monk. He soon began to form his own bands, from which eventually founded the band along with Horace Silver originated The Jazz Messengers .

The Jazz Messengers[Edit][]

[1][2]The Jazz Messengers (1985)

Made more than 30 years, he performed with his band albums Blakey and The Jazz Messengers. This band was formed from a number of bands that Blakey led along with Horace Silver . After five years it left Silver and continued his Blakey on alone. The band then gave the name Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.

In this legendary band got many young musicians the space to show to the general public. Blakeys credo was: I'm gonna stay with the youngsters. When these get too old I'll get some younger ones. Keeps the mind active. Clifford BrownFreddie HubbardWayne ShorterDonald ByrdCedar WaltonLee MorganBenny GolsonWynton MarsalisBranford MarsalisKeith JarrettLonnie Plaxico and John Hicks are just some of the great artists who have started in his band.

Art Blakey took In 1956 with his Jazz Messengers on an LP with the Dutch jazz singer Rita Reys, something all newspapers in Netherlands. The LP "The Cool Voice of Rita Reys" was both in the u.s. (on the Columbia label) as released in Netherlands (by Philips).

Blakey remained until on late age occur and create albums with his Jazz Messengers and pressed his stamp on the jazz music. He died five days after his 71st birthday and had an impressive list of musical highlights after.


  • 1954: A Night at Birdland volumes 1 and 2 (Blue Note)
  • 1955: At the Cafe Bohemia volumes 1 and 2 (Blue Note)
  • 1956: The Jazz Messengers (Columbia)
  • 1956: The Cool voice of Rita Reys (Columbia/Philips)
  • 1957: Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk (Atlantic/Rhino)
  • 1957: Orgy in Rhythm (Blue Note)
  • 1958: Moanin' (Blue Note)
  • 1958: 1958 Paris Olympia (Fontana)
  • 1958: Des Femmes Disparaissent/Les Tricheurs (Fontana)
  • 1959: At the Jazz Corner of the World (live) (Blue Note)
  • 1959: Live in Stockholm 1959 (DIW) & (Dragon)
  • 1960: Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960 (Fontana)
  • 1960: The Big Beat (Blue Note)
  • 1960: Unforgettable Lee! (Fresh Sound)
  • 1960: A Night in Tunisia (Blue Note)
  • 1960: More Birdland Sessions (Fresh Sound)
  • 1960: Live in Stockholm 1960 (Dragon)
  • 1960: Lausanne 1960 First Set (TCB)
  • 1960: Lausanne 1960 Second Set (TCB)
  • 1961: Roots and Herbs (Blue Note)
  • 1961: Jazz Messengers (Impulse!)
  • 1961: Mosaic (Blue Note)
  • 1961: The Freedom Rider (Blue Note)
  • 1961: The Witch Doctor (Blue Note)
  • 1961: Buhaina's Delight (Blue Note)
  • 1962: Three Blind Mice volumes 1 and 2 (Blue Note)
  • 1962: Caravan (Original Jazz Classics)
  • 1962: The African Beat (Blue Note)
  • 1963: Ugetsu (Original Jazz Classics)
  • 1963: A Jazz message (Impulse!)
  • 1964: Free for All (Blue Note)
  • 1964: Kyoto (Original Jazz Classics)
  • 1964: Indestructible
  • 1964: Selections from the new musical Golden Boy (Colpix Records PCX 027)
  • 1973: child's Dance (Prestige)
  • 1973: Mission Eternal (Prestige)
  • 1973: Buhaina (Prestige)
  • 1977: In My Prime volume 1 (Timeless)
  • 1978: In This Korner (Concord)
  • 1981: In Sweden (Evidence)
  • 1981: Straight Ahead (Concord)
  • 1982: Keystone 3 (Concord)
  • 1984: New York Scene (Concord)
  • 1985: Live at Kimball's (Concord)
  • 1988: Not Yet (Soul Note)
  • 1988: I Get a Kick out of Bu (Soul Note)
  • 1990: Chippin' In (Timeless)