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Arthur Willard Pryor (St. Joseph, Missouri1870 – september 22, West Long Branch18 June 1942) was an American composerconductor and trombonist. Since 1892, he was solo trombonist in the John Philip Sousa Band; from 1895 to 1903 he was second conductor. Later (around 1930) he was politician and representative of the Democratic Party for the State of New Jersey.


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Life Course[Edit][]

Pryor was on the second floor of the Lyceum Theatre of St. Joseph (Missouri) is born. At the age of 11, he played valve-trombone and traded four years later on the slide trombone, where he soon soloed in the Band (concert band) of which his father was conductor. In 1888 he was committed by the well-known conductor and cornet soloist Allessandro Liberati (1847-1927) for a concert tour of the United States by theMiddle West . This experience was soon continued by a concert tour with the band of the legendary Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore (1829-1892), in the United States as "Father of the Concert Band (father of the band)" referred to. Pryor was then pianist and artistiekdirecteur of the Orchestra of the "Stanley Opera Company" in Denver. In 1892, he was then invited into the band of John Philip Sousa to play along. In the concerts with the Sousa Band during the world's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893 he soloed the first time. His solo performances with this Orchestra rich to the 10,000. In 1895 he invoked John Philip Sousa to second conductor of his Orchestra.

In 1903 he left the Sousa Band and founded a private concert band on. the first performance took care of this Orchestra on november 15, 1903 in the Majestic Theatre in New York City. They further concerteerden during the 1904 World's fair to Saint Louis. The Pryor Band traveled throughout the United States until 1909. Since then, the Orchestra had its firm place in Asbury Park in New Jersey. In this time, Pryor alsoconductor and processor of the record company Victor Talking Machine Company in Camden, New Jersey. He was also Director of the 1918 to 1920 's "Capitol Theatre" in Manhattan. He retired In 1933.

As a composer he wrote over 300 works and made more than 1000 recordings. He was among the founding members of the American bandmasters Association (ABA).


MENU   0: 00 Blue Bells of Scotland===Works for wind Orchestra[Edit]===

  • 1897 Cradle of the Deep
  • 1897 Deep Within the Cellar
  • 1897 Love Thoughts Waltz
  • 1897 Old Glory Waves on High
  • 1897 Polka Exposition Echoes
  • 1897 Say Au Revoir
  • 1897 Signal Polka
  • 1897 The Palms
  • 1897 There'll come a time, for trombone and band
  • you're So Good Daddy 1897
  • 1902 Little Nell, for trombone and band
  • 1903 The Tale of the Sea Shell
  • 1904 Boston Commandery March
  • Razzazza Mazzaza 1905 , two-step extravaganza
  • 1905 Reverie Mazurka
  • 1905 The Whistler and His Dog, caprice
  • 1906 Wilhelmina Waltzes
  • 1907 The King of Rags, two-step Oddity
  • 1907 Plantation Echoes
  • 1907 Triumph of Old Glory
  • 1908 The Teddy bear's Picnic
  • 1911 Canhanibalmo Rag
  • 1911 That Flying Rag, ragtime
  • Heart of America March 1916
  • After Sunset, Idyll for wind Orchestra
  • An Arkansas Huskin' Bee
  • Bluebells of Scotland, for trombone and band [1]
  • Cakewalk, ragtime
  • Coon Band Contest, Cakewalk and two step [2]
  • Dance of the Weasels, tarantella
  • Forever, intermezzo
  • Frau Louisa, Waltz
  • In lover's Lane, tone poem
  • La Petite Suzanne, false Caprice for trombone and band
  • Love's Enchantment, concert Waltz for trombone and band
  • Oh, dry those tears, for trombone and band
  • Parisian Melodies
  • Polka Fantastic, for trombone and band
  • Caprice Starlight, False
  • Teddy after Africa (A Jungle Nightmare), humoresque
  • The Little Chief, Polka Caprice
  • The Patriot Polka, for trombone and band
  • The Victor, mars
  • Thoughts of Love, concert Waltz for trombone and band
  • False Caprice, for trombone and band
  • We'll keep Old Glory Flying
  • Ye Boston Tea Party, mars

Music Theatre[Edit][]


Completed in title acts Premiere libretto
Peter and Paul L. Frank Baum

Chamber Music[Edit][]

  • Air Varié (Annie Laurie), for trombone and piano


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