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As Good As Dead is the second, and most popular, album by the rock duo Local H. It was released on April 16, 1996 on Island Records and had four singles, "Bound For The Floor", "Eddie Vedder]", "Fritz's Corner", and "High Fiving MF". The title comes from a line from the song "Eddie Vedder". It is mostly described as a loose concept album. On some prints of the album, it had a sticker that reads: "Yeah Mom, The "F Word" is in it". This is most likely a parody of the "Explicted Lyrics" sticker.

Album Concept and Structure[]

The album as been described as a loose concept album about a young man living in Zion, IL, were he slowly feels like he is being eaten up by the small town if he doesn't get out and indulge in a career or family. In an interview, Frontman Scott Lucas mentioned that As Good As Dead is "About hating the place you live in". The album starts with a minute-long opener entitled "Manifest Destiny Pt.1" this track would later appear in a longer and louder form at the very end, this time known as "Minfest Destiny Pt.2". This concept of having a track reappear at the end of an album would later appear in other Local H records, such as Pack Up The Cats and Hallelujah! I'm A Bum.

Track listing[]

  1. Manifest Destiny Pt.1
  2. High Fiving MF
  3. Bound For The Floor
  4. Lovely Dovey
  5. I Saw What You Did Last Night And I Know Who You Are
  6. No Problem
  7. Nothing Special
  8. Eddie Vedder
  9. Back In The Day
  10. Freeze Dried (F)lies
  11. Fritz's Corner
  12. O.K.
  13. Manifest Destiny Pt.2


There were four singles from the album, each having a music video, the first being "High Fiving MF" The single contained various edited versions of the song, but gained very little airplay on radio stations. The next single, "Bound For The Floor", was a hit on alternative radio stations, due to this, the album became a moderate success. The third single was named "Eddie Vedder" and the final was "Fritz's Corner", or known as "Fritz's Corner (Messing' Around With You)" on the single. A tour for the album started during 1996 and ended in 1997.


Local H - Producer[]

  • Scott Lucas - Guitar, etc.
  • Joe Daniels - Drums


  • Steven Haigler - Producer, Engineering
  • Local H - Producing
  • Andy Katz - Additional Engineering
  • Tom Lord-Alge - Mixing
  • Cesar Sogbe - Additional Mixing
  • Ted Janson - Mastering
  • Joe Bosso - A&R
  • Nancy Galdo - A&R Cordination
  • Kerita Jones - A&R Cordination
  • Sheryl Lutz-Brown - Art Direction
  • Jerry Newbrough - Cover Concept
  • John Niguyon - Photography