Headquarters: Lander, WY (!?), along with Indianapolis, IN and New York City

Founded: 1999

Founded by: collective


Genre(s): Chamber-Folk, Chamber-Pop, Singer/Songwriter

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What!? You didn't know that Lander, WY was the new hot-spot for wonderfully orchestrated chamber-folk and pop that is bursting with more colors than the Crayola side-busting 120 count crayon set. Well, actually, it may still be a few years before Lander develops into the next Omaha, but if they are looking for a foundation to build on, there is no better starting point than Asthmatic Kitty. Originally conceived in Holland, Michigan (another well-known city... well, as known as Lander, WY), it was used as an outlet for the local community of artists. That original guild has since moved on to various parts of the country, but the fellowship has been established and the ball has gone from rolling to tumbling uncontrollably. The core of the roster is now made up of five excessively creative artists that each have put out extremely solid albums and are quickly gaining recognition. The best known of these is the unparalleled voice of Sufjan Stevens (who actually runs the NYC office, and labeled as "Minister of Aesthetics"). He has gain well-deserved national recognition for his past two albums, Michigan and more recently, Illinois.

Now for the information you have been searching for... Asthmatic Kitty was named after an orange and white longhair cat that was rescued in 1995. Upon wondering out of the woods, she was pregnant (as all stray female cats are), starving and afflicted with feline asthma. She is still alive today, and though wheezes a bit, she is happily strutting and purring in a happy life of luxury and good music.

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