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Audioslave was an American hard rock group formed in 2001 from members of Soundgarden (Chris Cornell, and the former instrumentalists of Rage Against the Machine: Tom Morello (lead guitar), Tim Commerford (bass and backing vocals) and Brad Wilk (drums). Although initially seen as a merge of Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave achieved a completely new sound. In February 2007 the group split after Cornell announced he was leaving. The other members have since been working on the Rage Against the Machine reunion.


After Zach de la Roche left Rage Against the Machine, the other members announced that they were looking for a new singer. Chris Cornell was suggested and after discovering that all the members worked well together, the new band began to take shape. The name "Audioslave" was not the bands original idea, and is believed to have been Chris Cornell's idea. Critics mocked the bands name, one calling it "one of the worst in contemporary rock music".

Sound and style

Audioslave created a unique sound by blending 70's hard rock with 90s Grunge. Accompanying this was Chris Cornell's wide vocal range, Tom Morello's infamous unconventional guitar solos and the rhythm of Wilk and Commerfield. All of Audioslave's lyrics were written by Cornell, with the song-writing credited to all four members. The song writing pace was very fast, with 21 songs being written in 19 days for the first album. This is also believed to have been exceeded for the second album.



  • Audioslave (2002)
  • Out of Exile (album)|Out of Exile]] (2005)
  • Revelations (2006)


  • Civilian Demo (2001)


  • "Cochise" (2002)
  • "Like a Stone" (2003)
  • "Show Me How to Live" (2003)
  • "I Am the Highway" (2004)
  • "What You Are" (2004)
  • "Be Yourself" (2005)
  • "Your Time Has Come" (2005)
  • "Doesn't Remind Me" (2005)
  • "Original Fire" (2006)

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