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Charlotte Moorman playing a composition by John Cage called "26 Minutes, one point, 1,499 seconds for a string player" in 1963

Part of the music-sheet to John Cage's famous "Water Walk"

Avant-Garde is a term that can be applied to any piece of art which pushes beyond the accepted boundaries of that giver art form, characterized by it's rejection of mainstream forms, characteristics and craft. The Oxford Language described Avant-Garde as: new and experimental ideas and methods in art, music, or literature. Avant-Garde features techniques that it is hard for mainly mainstream listeners to understand that they are hearing something progressive and not simply noise. The term evolved from the French word "vanguard" which defines as "a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas." The use of the term "avant-garde" became a musical description after World War II, becoming in the early/mid 20th century (specifically the 1960s) its most essential time. During the beginning of the 21st century Lady Gaga famously described her avant-garde and avant-pop music style at the time of releasing her fourth studio album "ARTPOP" as "F**ck Pop music!"

Avant-garde clothing[]

Example of Avant-garde clothing


Annakiki - Fall Winter 2021-2022 - Full Show

A good definition for avant-garde fashion is “a forward-looking movement animated by innovative designers and artists who dare to go against the mainstream and propose ideas that stand out from the conventional." Avant-garde clothing is both experimental in Content and Form. A controversial word in fashion "Wearability/wearable" is a form Avant-garde clothing often battle against, having to sacrifice wearability and create the process of the creation and the visual from of it the main art form. Although the term avant-garde was originally applied to innovative approaches to art making in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it is applicable to all art that pushes the boundaries of ideas and creativity, and is still used today to describe art that is radical or reflects originality of vision. A more well-known and popular style of Avant-garde clothing is a sub-style of "Archive fashion", which archive fashion is some-what of a style of "streetwear", commonly featuring puffer and larger jackets with more of a moodier aesthetic. Avant-garde Archive fashion though features some what of an moody dark enigma "monochromatic" style featuring cargo pants and large layered jackets with multiple if not many pockets and zippers giving off a "futuristic casual/street-wear" vibe.

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