B * Witched is an Irish pop group who at the end of the 1990s some hits scored.

The members are Twin Sisters Noble and Shelley LynchSinéad O'Carroll and Lindsay Armaou. Through Louis Walsh, the manager of the Irish boy band Boyzone ( Shane Lynch, one of the members is the older brother of noble and Shelley) came in contact with Kim B * Witched Glower, which then gave the girls a deal at Glowworm Records, a division of Epic Records.

The band released their debut single C'est la vie in 1998. The song reached the number 1 position in the UK and number 8 in Netherlands. After this, the band managed to three more times to take the No. 1 position in England with the singles Roller coasterTo You I Belong, and Blame It On The Weatherman, a record that not even the Spice Girls had managed. The debut album B * Witched was also a great success. After countless gigs and promotion in Europe, Japan and Asia in 1999 B * Witched scored a US Top 10 hit with C'est la vie. The Group spent several months in the us for promotion, went on tour with Britney Spears and * NSYNC and took partial songs for the second album Awake And Breathe on, that appeared in the autumn of 1999. The first single Jesse Hold On won the 4th place in England. This was followed by a wereldtouree along various arenas in countries where B * Witched was the most successful. Unfortunately the success started to take off and knew the subsequent singles "I Shall Be There and Jump Down to the Top 10 of the charts not achieving. For the promotion of Jump Down and accompanying music video, the band was even fitted a new sexier image, a formula that many fans do not fell on good soil.

In 2001 the band popped up the studio once again in order to work on new album. One of the last recordings as four (Hold On) made the girls for the soundtrack of the movie The Princess Diaries. The first single from the third album was planned for summer 2002. The band stood in the starting blocks to take the corresponding video clip on in Africa, until a shocking message of their manager followed with the announcement that the record company had no intention to bring the new album and wanted to terminate their deal because of confidence in the future. The girls were trying to revive their career einigzins by their material at a smaller record label to bring out but again this was not a success. Shortly thereafter the band stepped from the Group and Sinéad then fell apart. Each Member is gone his own way, then all it took still until 2012 before someone from the Group new work released under a new name. Shelley and noble formed a duo called Barbarellas, released 2 singles and an album but flopped there gigantic with it.

For the British tv program The Big Reunion (a reality show in which several bands from the 90 's were followed to a largest comeback with a big concert as Apex) B * Witched came after 11 years back in the spotlight.Due to the huge success of The Big Reunion Concert, are now all participating bands of the program started a tour with each other that will still go through until summer 2013. In autumn there is a so-called Christmas tour. Of all the bands is B * Witched the first one after so many years coming up with new material. A new single entitled Love and Money appears in July. Whether the band will launch a whole new album is not yet known.



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B * witched 1998 onb
Awake and Breathe 1999 onb


Year Title Album NL Notes
1998 "C'est La Vie" B * Witched 8 -
"Roller coaster" - -
"To You I Belong" - -
1999 "Blame It on the Weatherman" - -
"Thank ABBA for the Music" ABBAMania compilation album 14 with StepsTina CousinsCleopatra and Billie
"Jesse Hold On" Awake and Breathe - -
""I Shall Be There" - featuring Ladysmith Black Mambazo
2000 "Jump Down" - -
"Across America 2000" Only a single released - Released in America. "Mickey" is on the soundtrack to the film Bring It On
  • A dash means that the number has not been released in the country or that the listing is unknown.
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