Babacar was a short-lived worldbeat supergroup formed in England, featuring former members of Shelleyan Orphan, The Cure, and Presence. The group released one album in their brief existence, their self-titled debut album in 1998, before the band dissolved when Shelleyan Orphan reunited in 2000.


Babacar was fronted by Caroline Crawley, former lead singer of Shelleyan Orphan. Although Jemaur Tayle, the other half of Orphan, later joined in, he is not listed among the album's credits.[1] Other personnel involved with the recording of the album were guitarist Rob Steen, bassist Roberto Soave (who had also recorded and performed with Orphan), and drummer Boris Williams, who is best known for his involvement with The Cure. Soave and Steen had also played in another band called Presence.


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