Founded: 1988

Headquarters: Scarborough, Ontario

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One of the handful of Canadian bands to make it big in the US, [[Barenaked Ladie are most known for their sense of humor and good live shows. They had a few hits earlier in their career, but [[Stunt:Barenaked Ladies|Stun was their breakout hit in the US, although Maroon had a couple as well, though it was the stronger album. They left [[Repris in 2003, although they are still putting out records independently.



  • Buck Naked
  • Barenaked Lunch aka [[The Pink Tape:Barenaked Ladies|The Pink Tap
  • [[The Yellow Tape:Barenaked Ladies|The Yellow Tap
  • [[Variety Recordings:Barenaked Ladies|Variety Recording
  • Gordon
  • [[Maybe You Should Drive:Barenaked Ladies|Maybe You Should Driv
  • Born On A Pirate Ship
  • [[Stunt:Barenaked Ladies|Stun
  • Maroon:Barenaked Ladies Maroon
  • [[Everything To Everyone:Barenaked Ladies|Everything To Everyon
  • [[Barenaked For The Holidays:Barenaked Ladies|Barenaked For The Holiday
  • Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits 1991-2001
  • [[Everything Acoustic:Barenaked Ladies|Everything Acousti
  • [[As You Like It:Barenaked Ladies|As You Like I
  • Barenaked On A Stick
  • [[iTunes Originals:Barenaked Ladies|iTunes Original
  • [[Rock Spectacle:Barenaked Ladies|Rock Spectacl
  • "[[Vintage Concert: Live At The Bottom Line:Barenaked Ladies|Vintage Concert: Live At The Bottom Lin
  • [[Snack Time



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  • [[Wikipedia:Barenaked Ladies|Wikipedia Pag[[Category: Artis[[Category:Artist[[Category:Canadian artist
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