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Founded: 1970

Headquarters: Lumania (Los Angeles, CA)

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  • [[Rhin
  • [[Ogli
  • [[Lumani
  • Boulevard


  • [[Novelt
  • [[Comed
  • [[New Wav


  • [[DEV
  • [[The Resident

Band Members[]

  • Art Barnes (a/k/a [[Bill Mum)
  • Artie Barnes (a/k/a [[Robert Haime)

Includes Members of[]

  • [[Americ
  • [[The Jenerator
  • [[Seduction of the Innocen
  • [[The Be Fiv
  • Redwood
  • [[Synerg

Band Biography[]

Art & Artie had been playing together since they were teenagers, recording funny songs for their own amusement. In the 1970s, they had the idea to send a tape to [ Dr. Dement -- he rejected the tape, but encouraged them to keep trying. Soon, though, they had a tape that he would play, and they started getting requests. Their first big hit was "[[Fish Heads:Barnes & Barnes|Fish Head", which is still the most requested song on the [[Dr. Dement show. They even had some mainstream success with it, although most of their other songs only had successes on KROQ or Dr. Demento (but very great success). In the early 1980s, they tried to go more mainstream with the Soak It Up EP on [[CB/Boulevard Records, but while the album sold well for an indie label, the numbers did not translate to success for a major, and the followup album [[Kodovoner:Barnes & Barnes|Kodovone was shelved until this year. Their next album, back at [[Rhin was a mix of [[Novelt and Serious songs, but it didn't sell as well, and [[Rhin demanded the next record be a straight [[novelt album like their first. They've also produced records by [[Wild Man Fische and [[Crispin Hellion Glove. Barnes and Barnes are still together and recording, though their output has slowed.



  • [[Voobaha:Barnes & Barnes|Voobah
  • Spazchow
  • [[Amazing Adult Fantasy:Barnes & Barnes|Amazing Adult Fantas
  • [[Sicks:Barnes & Barnes|Sick
  • [[Zabagabee:Barnes & Barnes|Zabagabe (also VHS)
  • Loozanteen
  • [[Yeah.:Barnes & Barnes|Yeah.: The Essential Barnes & Barne
  • [[Kodovoner:Barnes & Barnes|Kodovone


  • [[I Had Sex With ET (EP):Barnes & Barnes|I Had Sex With E
  • [[Fish Heads / Barnes & Barnes Greatest Hits:Barnes & Barnes|Fish Heads / Barnes & Barnes Greatest Hit
  • Soak It Up


  • [[Fish Heads:Barnes & Barnes|Fish Head b/w High School Gym
  • [[Something's in the Bag:Barnes & Barnes|Something's in the Ba b/w [[Boogie Woogie Amputee:Barnes & Barnes|Boogie Woogie Ampute
  • Love Tap b/w [[Party in My Pants:Barnes & Barnes|Party in My Pant (party mix)
  • Touch Yourself b/w [[Background Boy:Barnes & Barnes|Background Bo

Appears On[]


  • [[Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection: The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time:Rhino|Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection: The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Tim


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