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Founded: 1996

Headquarters: Glasgow, Scotland

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  • [[Electric Hone
  • [[Jeepste
  • [[Matado
  • [[Rough Trad


  • Chamber Pop


  • [[The Magnetic Field
  • [[Sufjan Steven

Band Members[]

  • Stuart Murdoch
  • Stevie Jackson
  • [[Chris Gedde
  • Sarah Martin
  • [[Mick Cook
  • [[Bobby Kilde
  • Richard Colburn
  • Isobel Campbell (until 2002)
  • Stuart David (until 1999)

Includes Members of[]

  • [[Gentle Wave
  • V-Twin
  • [[Loope

Band Biography[]

Everyone pretty much knows about how Belle & Sebastian started—a band put together for a music business course, where the project was recording, releasing and selling an album (Tigermilk). They enjoyed playing together and people liked the record, so they stayed together. They recently scored part of Todd Solondz' film [[Storytelling (Album):Belle & Sebastian|Storytellin, which is the name of the record they released full of some of the songs that appeared in the film, but mostly stuff that wasn't used for it.



  • Tigermilk
  • [[If You're Feeling Sinister:Belle & Sebastian|If You're Feeling Siniste
  • The Boy With The Arab Strap
  • [[Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant:Belle & Sebastian|Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasan
  • [[Storytelling (Album):Belle & Sebastian|Storytellin
  • [[Dear Catastrophe Waitress:Belle & Sebastian|Dear Catastrophe Waitres
  • [[The Life Pursuit:Belle & Sebastian|The Life Pursui


  • [[Push Barman To Open Old Wounds:Belle & Sebastian|Push Barman To Open Old Wound


  • [[Dog On Wheels:Belle & Sebastian|Dog On Wheel
  • [[Lazy Line Painter Jane (EP):Belle & Sebastian|Lazy Line Painter Jan
  • [[3.. 6.. 9.. Seconds Of Light:Belle & Sebastian|3.. 6.. 9.. Seconds Of Ligh
  • [[This Is Just a Modern Rock Song (EP):Belle & Sebastian|This Is Just a Modern Rock Son
  • Legal Man
  • Jonathan David
  • [[I'm Waking Up To Us (EP):Belle & Sebastian|I'm Waking Up To U
  • [[Books:Belle & Sebastian|Book


  • [[Step into My Office Baby (Single):Belle & Sebastian|Step into My Office Bab
  • [[I'm a Cuckoo (Single):Belle & Sebastian|I'm a Cucko
  • [[Funny Little Frog:Belle & Sebastian|Funny Little Fro


  • [[Fans Only:Belle & Sebastian|Fans Onl

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  • [[Wikipedia:Belle & Sebastian|Wikipedia Pag

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