Benefit is an album by the British progressive rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1970.

This was the first album that Jethro Tulls limit of 1 million sold plates by broke.

On this album for the first time Ian Anderson experimented with recording and production techniques. An example of this is the ' backwards-flute on " With You There To Help Me, where the flute Anderson's backwards, which of course is a very personal and unique sound. A concert joke of Anderson is that he has his back to the audience turns to the opening notes to play.

Even more than on Stand Up were the lyrics on this album very personal, something that Anderson would get later regret.

The tour also included a Benefit concert for 600,000 spectators during the legendary Isle of Wight Festival in 1970. In 2004, an audio cd entitled Nothing Is Easy: Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970. In 2005 appeared an eponymous documentary on dvd.

The line "flying so high, trying to remember" from the song To Cry you A Song carried along with the idiotic podiumact in to the myth that Anderson would be addicted to narcotic drugs. Anderson has always been a big opponent of drug use, as he later has made clear.


  1. With You There To Help Me
  2. Nothing To Say
  3. Alive And Well And Living In
  4. Son
  5. For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me
  6. To Cry You A Song
  7. A Time For Everything?
  8. Inside
  9. Play In Time
  10. Sossity: you're A Woman
  11. Singing All Day ¹
  12. Witch's Promise ¹
  13. Just Trying To Be ¹
  14. Teacher (Original UK Remix) ¹

¹ Bonus numbers on the digitally remastered version.

Line up[Edit]Edit

Guest Musician:

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