The Ducks - formerly known as Who Stepped On That Duck - name change necessitated by Teddy because he didn't have enough letters to spell the name on the marquis at the local bar and the fact that most patrons couldn't pronounce the name. (taken from an old saying to describe a fart-origin unknown) Formed in 1991 Glen Boettger (Spy Hill Stu) bass-Ken Lewis (King Lewy) guitar- Herb Moon drums-Originally Garage band that in formative years outdrew the local taverns in garage owned by bass player. Members at various times included Mike "Silky" Van Dijk mandolin, vocals, suitcase drums , Ron "Ozzie" Oswald vocals guitar- after Herb Moon exited the band several drummers passed through, but the recent and and most consistent has been Harv "Little Mountain" Montpetite. 1998 Willard Brooker was appointed manager for life; April 23 2008 he lost his job . Influenced by Grateful Dead and Merle Haggard. As of 09 recording original music and working in Central Alberta

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