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Blue Embrace is an American rock band formed in Hollywood, California in 2009. The group was founded by musician/producer Oz Chiri.

Blue Embrace was first formed in 2009 and began performing shows throughout all the theaters and clubs of the Mythical SUNSET STRIP in Hollywood along other areas such as Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire, Signed in 2010 by the International label: “Tarot Records.” They released their first album: Bleeding Blue the same year. Their second album, Fenix (2010) received critical acclaim, was considered for Grammy Nomination fir Best Rock Album and introduced Blue Embrace to a brand new international audience.

2012 was the Release of their Hit "Devil in Disguise"

Blue Embrace - Devil In Disguise-0
Blue Embrace - Devil in Disguise - 2012 - Tarot Records Blue Embrace - Devil In Disguise-0

That also was the year of their first National and International Tour Including US States as Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, Texas, California and European countries such as UK, Germany, Scotland, Netherlands

Musical style

Blue Embrace's musical is variable and original with early influences from rock, blues and jazz. During the recording of Fenix, the band took a more progressive approach to their music, Devil in Disguise released in 2012 gave the band a more classical rock and blues approach. 2014 was the release of their Live Fan Appreciation single "Feel the Blues"
Feel the Blues (Live)
Blue Embrace - Feel the Blues (Live) - 2014 - Tarot Records Feel the Blues (Live)
Recorded at Salamanca Studios in California during the Devil in Disguise sessions

Band members

Current members
  • Oz Chiriacoustic and electric guitars (2009–present)
  • Mick Hanesdrums, percussion (2010–present)
  • KP — lead vocals (2011–present)


Blue Embrace discography
Studio albums 2
Singles 2
Music videos 1

Studio albums

  • Bleeding Blue (2009)
    Bleeding Blue, Blue Embrace 2009, Tarot Records
  • Fenix (2010)
    Blue Embrace, Fenix 2010, Tarot Records


  • Devil in Disguise (2012)
  • Feel the Blues (2014)
    Feel the Blues (Live), Blue Embrace, 2014 @Tarot Records

Music Videos

  • Blue Embrace - Devil In Disguise-1
    Blue Embrace - Devil in Disguise - 2012 - Tarot Records Blue Embrace - Devil In Disguise-1

Upcoming Single (ETA Late 2016)

  • Be My Queen (2016)
    Bembrace post.jpg
    Blue Embrace - Be My Queen - 2016 Tarot Records

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