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Artist: Chris Morris

Date Released: 2000

Label: WARP

Produced By: Chris Morris


  1. Blue Jam Intro
  2. Doc Phone
  3. Lamacq Sting
  4. 4 Ft. Car
  5. Suicide Journalist
  6. Acupuncture
  7. Bad Sex
  8. Mayo Sting
  9. Unflustered Parents
  10. Moyles Sting
  11. TV Lizards
  12. Doc Cock
  13. Hobbs Sting
  14. Morton Interview
  15. Fix-It Girl
  16. Porn
  17. Kids Party
  18. Club News
  19. Whiley Sting
  20. Little Girl Balls
  21. Blue Jam Outro


This is a compilation of some of the best bits of Chris Morris' radio series for the BBC, Blue Jam. Blue Jam was a combination of dark comedy sketches interlaced between music from Chris Morris' collection, including a lot of really cool stuff. The show line-ups are available, linked below. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

(All Episode Pages cribbed from the excellent Episode Guide at Cook'd & Bomb'd by TJ and Jake Wyatt. For much, much more information on Chris Morris and Blue Jam and everything, go there!)

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