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Borneo cover
{{{Type}}} by Wolfgang Gartner and Aero Chord
Album Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 1
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Genre Trap, jungle terror, breakbeat
Length 3:55
Label Monstercat
Producer(s) Joseph Youngman, Alexandros Vlastaras
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"Borneo" is a song by electronic dance music producers Alex Vlastaras and Joseph Youngman also known as Aero Chord and Wolfgang Gartner respectively.[1][2][3][4] The song was released on 7 April 2017, by the Canadian record label Monstercat.[5][6][7][8]

Background and composition[]

In an interview with Billboard Dance, Youngman commented on collaborating with Vlastaras on "Borneo":

Both of us already knew how to merge our two sounds, we both had the same concept for the track going back and forth between fast-paced and half-time, and that this was the best way to incorporate our individual footprints. The result is something that neither of us would have made alone and is really unique in that it can't be confined to a genre.[1]

Reception and release[]

Landon Fleury of Your EDM compared "Borneo" to Youngman's previous work, stating that the song sounds nothing like his previous work with the exception of "Channel 42" and "Piranha" in terms of vocal chops, further stating "Straying from repetition, Aero Chord and Wolfgang Gartner switch things up around every possible corner, which will impress listeners more and more as the track plays out."[6] Harsh Makwana of The Bangin Beats stated "'Borneo' is a booming evidence of how the Greek producer has been evolving with respect to his music and it’s just fantastic."[4]

Ross Goldenberg of We Rave You described the song as "a more experimental route" compared to Youngman's previous work, stating "The collaboration comes as a bit of a surprise to some, but Gartner and Chord pull it off and deliver an interesting trap sound that has become a rarity in today’s commercial scene."[5] Alec Giorgio of EDM Sauce stated "The tune is 4 minutes of collaborative genius from the duo and it is definitely one of the most interesting songs we have heard in awhile."[8] Tess McDermott of Noiseporn stated "'Borneo' is fast, ferocious, and filled to the brim with jungle terror. The beat is tribal and hypnotic, matching with its cover art flawlessly."[3]